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Starting the month off strong is a new game for the Michigan Lottery. Fans will love this game with the number of twists and turns that also could bring tremendous opportunities as well as prizes.

This instant win game is easy to play and follow along with. Below you will see both how to play as well as the likelihood of winning a top prize.

Game Details
Top Prize: $102,000
Ticket Cost: $0.10 – $20.00
Overall Odds: 1 in 3.82

How to Play

Start by selecting the menu button and then find the adjustments screen. You will use the available ticket cost slider to choose the price per ticket. Then, click on play to purchase a ticket.

Once you start your purchase, new symbols will then immediately appear on the play grid. The outcome for each game ticket will then be revealed on its own.

If you happen to come across the Moonlit Bonus Game by unlocking it, the outcome of the bonus will also be revealed automatically. Players are able to win by revealing three, four, or five adjacent matching symbols in a row or column.

The payouts are based on the number and type of symbol that is matched. Once a winning combination is revealed, the winning symbols will then be removed, and you will see additional symbols appear on the grid.

A Matchmaker symbol will show up after a winning combination is removed. Keep an eye on this symbol, as it will match all other symbols except the Lock and Key symbol.

Winning combinations that have a Matchmaker symbol will have the best results. Other close symbols will be removed, but an additional Matchmaker symbol will not make an appearance on the ticket.

If the Lock and Key symbols happen to make their way to the center of the grid, the Moonlit Bonus will be unlocked. This bonus will be for a guaranteed prize.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

The overall odds of winning a single prize are 1 in 3.82. In order to increase these odds, you would need to purchase an additional ticket.

Each game costs a minimum of 10 cents to play, with the maximum being $20. Keep in mind these costs and budget accordingly when purchasing additional tickets.

The prizes range from 10 cents all the way up to the top prize of $102,000. At the same time, the odds for these prizes range from one in 14.36 all the way up to a staggering one in 1,026,452.67.

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