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Blackjack Doubler


An online instant card game offered by the Michigan Lottery. The core idea behind Blackjack Doubler is based on that of the hugely popular blackjack casino game offered by land casinos where players compete with the house for the closest hand to 21.

A hand in this animated Blackjack Doubler game consists of two cards. The game features simple, fun, interesting and engaging idiosyncrasies plus the convenience and flexibility of playing on whatever device you choose, provided the device has a connection to the internet.

Granted that Blackjack Doubler isn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill blackjack game, it is worth noting that the basic aim of playing Blackjack Doubler is to attempt to beat the dealer's hand with any one or all player active hands.

The player has a choice to select up to twelve possible hands per game & the player pays for each of the hands they select, against the dealers two hands, so that equates to a maximum of six hands per dealer's hand. Each player’s hand is worth a specific instant win prize, which is set below each hand and the prize set changes for every game round.


$0.10 - $2.00$50,0001 in 20.61

If any of the player’s paired cards add up to more than the dealer's pair total, the player wins the prize displayed underneath all winning hands. If any player’s pair equals 21, which is called a Blackjack, the player wins double the prize for that Blackjack hand. If both cards of a player's hand are gold, the player receives a doubler bonus round.

In a Blackjack Doubler bonus round, if a player's hand beats the dealer's hand, the player wins the prize shown, which is then multiplied by the level at which the games at. Every winning hand remains active for the next multiplier level and every non-winning hand is eliminated. The bonus round is over when all hands have been eliminated.