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Fantasy 5


Fantasy 5 is a popular lotto-numbers like daily jackpot draw game, with an instant win add-on called EZmatch offered, amongst numerous other games, by the Michigan State Lottery.

Fantasy 5 is a terminal-based game, meaning, all online and in-store platform Fantasy 5 ticket sales terminals need to be connected to the Michigan Lottery's Fantasy 5 central system at the time of ticket sale. Thus, one of the few qualifying titles to play Michigan Lottery's Fantasy 5 is that players must be Michigan residents, as well as physically present in the state of Michigan when playing Fantasy 5.

For a chance to win a jackpot minimum of $100,000, Fantasy 5 tickets are very cheap, they only cost $1. To play, players have to select any five from one to thirty-nine possible numbers at an authorized Michigan Lottery retailer and hope that the numbers they selected will match those drawn by the Fantasy 5 random number generator.

However, players can choose, if they want, to add EZmatch to their Fantasy 5 ticket for an additional $1 per play. Five EZmatch numbers will print on the player’s ticket below the Fantasy 5 numbers. If any of the EZmatch numbers match any of the players Fantasy 5 numbers, the player instantly wins the prize amount printed next to the EZmatch number. These EZmatch prizes are small rewards ranging from $2 up to $500. However, FANTASY 5 tickets with EZmatch cannot be reversed.

If a player matches all five winning numbers, they win the jackpot. If two or more players match all five winning numbers, the jackpot is shared equally among the winning players.

Fantasy 5 jackpots are paid out in one lump sum, with no annuities options. So, a player who wins a big prize may have to submit an online claim and or visit Michigan Lottery headquarters offices in Lansing. To collect and process Fantasy 5 winnings, winners are required to have their social security cards and government-issued photo IDs handy.