Two Golfers Ace $223,058 Diamond Wild Time Progressive Jackpot Prize |
Super Raffle 2018
Super Raffle 2018
September 18, 2018
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September 25, 2018

winning ticket - Two Golfers Ace $223,058 Diamond Wild Time Progressive Jackpot PrizeTwo retired golfers from Jackson County teed off a hole-in-one at the 19th hole.  This ace holed them a Fast Cash Diamond Wild Time Progressive Jackpot prize from the Michigan Lottery worth $223,058.

They bought their winning Diamond Wild Time ticket at the Lost Shoe Tavern, located at 11499 North Meridian Road in Pleasant Lake. The two friends claimed the prize as a lottery club and choose to remain anonymous.

They hadn’t golfed all that great on the day. So, they left the golf course for a bite and beverages at the 19th hole (the clubhouse bar). “We thought since we had golfed so lousily, we might change our luck with Fast Cash instant-win game tickets.” Said the winners.

Their first approach shot was with two Fast Cash Diamond Wild Time Progressive Jackpot tickets. One went into the bunker (lost) and the other only putted in $10. So, they decided to buy one more Diamond Wild Time ticket and that was the one that aced them the $223,058 jackpot win.

The two lottery club members are retired therefore, they plan to supplement their retirement income with the winnings.

Fast Cash games are a series of instant-win games that print from terminals at Lottery retailers. Tickets range in price from $1 per play up to $10 per play and feature popular game themes, including Cashword and Wild Time.

These Fast Cash games offer an instant win progressive jackpot that’s winnable at anytime. Every Fast Cash ticket gives players a chance to win all or part of the progressive jackpot.

All of the Fast Cash games feed into one jackpot, which grows with every ticket purchased. The current jackpot amount prints on each ticket, so, players always know the amount of the jackpot up for grabs. When a player wis the jackpot, a new one immidiatly starts again.