Cauldrons of Cash – A Spooky Fun New Game! |

Cauldrons of Cash – A Spooky Fun New Game!

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October 16, 2020
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The Michigan Lottery is getting into the Halloween spirit. They are excited to roll out another new Halloween inspired game called the Cauldrons of Cash, with a top prize of $100,000.

Cauldrons of Cash falls under the “Instant Win” game category online, so you would need to play this on the Michigan Lottery website. The game also has excellent smaller prizes available other than the grand prize, in case you cannot win that one.

Game Snapshot

Top Prize: $100,000
Ticket Cost: $0.50 – $20.00
Overall Odds: 1 in 4.71

How To Play

First, you decide how much you want to pay by selecting your ticket cost. Press play or the spacebar to purchase and automatically reveal the ticket.

Blocks will then fall onto the board, and if you happen to reveal three or more matching blocks that share a side, it will automatically remove that group of blocks from the board. You will win according to the prize table and what is left.

For each block that is removed, another block falls down from the top to fill in its place. This could potentially create more winning groups. You will then continue playing until no more matching clusters appear.

If you happen to reveal a chest and a key block in the same game, you will win a surprise amount. If you reveal three matching bonus-revealing blocks, you can play through ten reveals on an expanded board, where you are guaranteed a prize.

The bonus boards are as follows:

  • Bronze Bonus Reveals: 6×4 board
  • Silver Bonus Reveals: 7×5 board
  • Gold Bonus Reveals: 8×6 board

Odds, Price, and Prizes

The overall odds of winning a single prize are 1 in 4.71. The odds range from 1 in 17.29 to 1 in 2 million for some prizes. To increase your chances of winning any prize, you can simply purchase another ticket.

Keep in mind the costs of playing each game. The price of each game ranges from 50 cents to 2 dollars per game, so you could prolong your game time if you keep your cost low each game.

The prizes for this game have wide ranges as well. These can be from 50 cents to the grand prize of $100,000. With a top prize like that, you could have yourself an excellent Halloween experience.

For more game information, visit the Games section of the PlayMichiganLottery website. Please remember to keep an eye on your bankroll and gamble responsibly!