How to Play Lottery Online - Play Michigan Lottery


Playing lottery games online is what Michigan Lottery is aiming to provide, as they arguably have one of the best experiences. If you have never played lottery games online before, then you are in for quite the experience.

Each player will tell you their own favorite thing about playing lottery games online. It is best to get a feel for yourself that way. You know what games and series you like.

MI Lottery how to Guides

Getting Started Today

Creating a Michigan Lottery account is quick, seamless, and, most importantly, free to register. You will need to simply fill out the required areas on both of the pages of the registration forms to be on your path to earning appealing benefits, which include a bonus with your first purchase.

In order to register for an account, you will need to meet the criteria on a checklist. These include a United States Citizen, a resident of Michigan, be of 18 years of age or older, and be able to pass the check for identity verification.

You will also need important personal documentation. These are things like the last four digits of your Social Security Number and payment method information to withdraw or deposit money.

Enjoying These Lotteries Online

The Michigan Lottery puts forth a vast selection of more than 60 different games and growing to play online for cash. The most popular games that are available are:

In addition, players will also find various colorful instant games and Keno-themed games. Each month typically brings its own surprises when it comes to a new game.

The beautiful thing is that these games can be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, you want to be responsible and to follow what Michigan Lottery recommends on their responsible gambling section.

Another great example of how the Michigan Lottery is here for the players is that you can try out most of the games before you put money on them. This includes instant and Keno games that you can play for free before purchasing these tickets.

Rewards When it Matters

Michigan Lottery account holders will receive exclusive access to new online and in-store offers. They also encourage players that have in-store purchases to keep their tickets that have a special code on them and use them online for special deals or entries.

Next, they have the Daily Spin to Win game every single day. This allows players to have a chance to win various prizes like in-store free play on games, online bonus offers, or even entries into a monthly giveaway.

To get access to these deals as soon as they arrive, you can sign up for email and text message alerts in order to receive these offers, jackpot alerts, new game announcements, and much more.

In addition, they also have an app that you can download. Their app will also let you use the Ticket Checker that is only available to Michigan Lottery account holders only and to see if your tickets are winners.