How to Make a Deposit - Play Michigan Lottery

How to Fund Your Lottery Account

Before you dive into all the best games that are offered by the Michigan Lottery, you will need to fund your account. There are a variety of different options on where your money will come from and then two ways to help fund your account. This guide will hold your hand as you add funds to your Michigan Lottery account.

Making a deposit should be a breeze if you have the right information. Below you will see the two ways to make a deposit, through mobile or desktop. Simply select the option that will work best for you.

Mobile Phone Users

This section is exclusively for on-the-go users that want the freedom to roam while playing their favorite games. Below you will see how to make a deposit on the go.

Start by signing in from the menu. The menu can be located by selecting the “ ” symbol in the upper left-hand corner on your screen.

Next, click on “Make Deposit.”

You will need to choose a payment method for this example.

Making a deposit will require a credit card to fund their account.

You will need to enter in your credit/debit card information. Then you will choose the amount to deposit.

Once that is done, simply click on “CONTINUE” to go onto the next section of the deposit process. If you have a deposit code that you would like to use, then you will need to select the “+” symbol that is next to “Deposit Code.”

After making a transaction, the Deposit Summary screen will then review your transaction with a brief summary. Click on “SUBMIT” once you are done in order to continue the deposit process.

The Confirmation screen will offer you a better comprehensive summary of your new deposit. Feel free to review the summary further to make sure everything is in order.

After you have done this, simply click on “SUBMIT” in order to continue the registration process. At this point, you can still sign up for emails and texts for the latest game news or promotions.

Desktop Computer Users

This section is exclusively for users that want to sit down and enjoy games in the comfort of their home. Check out below if this option appeals to you.

Begin by signing in and then select your name to open the Account Menu..

Next, click on ”Make Deposit” from the account menu.

You will need to choose a payment method. In this example with the picture below, the player will use a credit card.

You will need to enter in your important credit/debit card information. Next, you will have to choose the total amount you want to deposit.

Then, simply click on “CONTINUE” in order to proceed with the rest of the deposit process.

You have the option to look over your transaction on the Deposit Summary screen before placing the transaction. Once you are ready, simply click on “SUBMIT” to confirm the deposit.

Finally, you see the Confirmation screen that will provide you with a better comprehensive summary of your recent deposit.

You are now ready to play Michigan Lottery games online through any desktop. Just click on the “LET’S PLAY” to begin.

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