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February 4, 2020
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February 10, 2020


Many scratches dream of one day hitting it big on the lottery. Thus, Michigan Lottery’s launching of the new $4,000,000 Cash (Game #334) instant game last night is a sure sign of a fruitful year ahead – a fresh chance to realize those dreams.

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Measuring 11 by 4 inches, this in-store scratch ticket is long and stands out. And so are its prizes. Each Game #334 ticket costs players $30. This may seem pricey for a scratch card. But it’s for good reason.

More than $55 million in-game cash prizes are on the line. With each $4,000,000 Cash instant game ticket, Michigan Lottery players get up to 30 chances to win a cash prize. The prizes range from $300 up to $4,000,000 in the game. The game’s top prizes are worth $4,000,000.  And there is an overall of $151 million in total cash prizes for scratchers to win.

How to play the new instant game – $4,000,000 Cash?

For games 1,2 & 3 – within the same game, you match 3 like amounts, to win that amount. But in the match 4 like amounts, you win double the amount.
However, for game 4, if you reveal a Money Bag symbol in any spot, you win the prize shown below that symbol. But if you reveal a Cash Roll symbol, you win double the prize shown below.

More ways to win $4,000,000 Cash

Playing game 5, you will have to match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers, to win the prize shown below that matching number. But if you get a star symbol, win that prize automatically. Yet if you get a “5X“, you win 5 times the prize shown. And a “10X“, wins you 10 times the prize shown.


Reveal a “50” in either spot, win $50.

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win odds – $4,000,000 Cash

Before $4,000,000 Cash game tickets sales the overall odds of coming across a winning ticket were one in every 3.32 tickets.As always, remember to claim prizes on all winning tickets before the game expires. See back of your ticket for the expiration date.

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