Doubler Days Returns to Club Keno |
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For one month only, winning will be twice as nice for Michigan Lottery Club Keno players. MI Lottery is currently offering players the opportunity to double Club Keno winnings this April through the popular Doubler Days promotion.

Though out the month of April, Club Keno tickets purchased at all MI Lottery official retailers, state-wide, will be eligible for the Doubler Days feature.

If you happen to find a Doubler message printed on your Club Keno ticket you have a chance to receive double the prize on all non-jackpot prizes won on that ticket.

However, the Jack prizes, Club Keno Extra eight of 10, nine of 10, and 10 of 10 prizes are excluded from the promotion.

To qualify for these double winnings, tickets must be eligible Club Keno or Club Keno Extra prize winners. However, it is worth noting that receiving a Doubler message alone on your ticket does not automatically mean you win.

Yet, if a player purchases a multi-draw ticket and receives a Doubler message, all eligible winnings for all the drawings on that ticket are doubled.

The Doubler feature message will be printed at random on eligible Club Keno and Club Keno Extra tickets and will double all non-jackpot prizes, all without any additional cost to players.