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First Big Spin Winners Ready
First Big Spin Winners Ready
August 30, 2019
Scott Hein Wins $229,986 on
Scott Hein Wins $229,986 on
September 5, 2019

They say winning is nice, so; I guess it must be twice as nice with Doubler Days. Since September, the 1st until the 30th, 2019, MI Lottery players have a chance to double their Club Keno and Extra prizes at no added cost.

However, not all Club Keno tickets will print with a DOUBLER message. It’s a random algorithm selector that picks which tickets will bear the doubler message. Meaning any ticket winner or not — can have the doubler message.

But, tickets must be valid and winning to be eligible for double winnings. Thus, a DOUBLER message by itself does not denote a win. Therefore, if an in-store Club Keno ticket has a DOUBLER message, and it wins – the prize winnings of that ticket will be multiplied by 2.

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Doubler Days: September Limitations

The DOUBLER, however, only applies to Club Keno, Extra, and Kicker prizes. So, the Jack prizes and Club Keno Extra eight of 10, nine of 10, and 10 of 10 prizes are excluded from this Doubler Days: September promotion.

But don’t worry, Club Keno, Extra, and Kicker prizes will be doubled up to a maximum of $4,000,000 per draw. Still, you can buy a multi-draw ticket and receive a DOUBLER message. Thus, all winnings accrued in all drawings on that ticket will be doubled.