Fantasy 5 Has Another Jackpot Winner for May |
Winning Millions Recent Jackpot Winner
Winning Millions Recent Jackpot Winner
May 10, 2021
Cash For Life Recent Jackpot Winner
Cash For Life Recent Jackpot Winner
May 14, 2021

Following the footsteps at the end of April for one lucky winner, another player has won an additional Fantasy 5 jackpot just a few weeks later. This anonymous player was able to strike big with an $866,890 prize, which was larger than the previous winner had at $600,590.

The player purchased their ticket at a Speedway in the city of Wyoming. The jackpot has now reset, and players can try to win the following prize amount. Check out the details below.

Game Details

Estimated Jackpot: $105,000
Ticket Cost: $1.00
Drawing Schedule: Daily at 7:29 p.m.
Purchasing Options: Online and In-Store

How to Play

Players have to choose five numbers in a range from one to 39, or they can choose “Easy Pick” to have the machine randomly select this. There are also add-on features to consider.

Double Play allows the player to use their same numbers immediately in a second drawing for a chance to win up to $110,000. The other option is EZmatch, which allows players to use an EZmatch number that has to match what is drawn in order to win up to $500 instantly.

Each add-on will cost one dollar each. So players can expect to play at least three dollars with all options and their ticket.

After players have purchased their tickets, they will need to check their results in one of several ways. One is to scan the ticket by looking online or by a local news channel that covers this update.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

Before adding any extra options, consider these costs and what your budget looks like. In addition, adding any options can slightly change the outcome for each wager.

For example, the regular drawing has overall odds of 1 in 9. If you are able to match the jackpot, it has odds of 1: 575,757 when you can match all five numbers drawn.

The prizes are going to vary from $1, $10, $100, and then the current jackpot at the time at which you purchase your ticket. The Double Play option has the exact same odds as the regular draw and the prizes too, but they have been doubled to $2, $20, $200, and then $110,000 for matching all five numbers.

The odds of winning an EZmatch prize are 1 in 5. For the EZmatch prizes and odds:

Prize, Odds:

$500 – 1:84,000
$250 – 1:42,000
$100 – 1:14,000
$50 – 1:4,942
$20 – 1:2,100
$15 – 1:1,293
$10 – 1:132
$5 – 1:280
$4 – 1:77
$3 – 1:14
$2 – 1:10