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Jackpot Slots Recent Winner Took Home $361,184!

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May 5, 2021
Winning Millions Recent Jackpot Winner
Winning Millions Recent Jackpot Winner
May 10, 2021

Someone went home $361,184 richer, as a bettor won the Jackpot Slots recently.

Michigan Lottery players seemingly have incredible opportunities to land some big ticket prizes with the lottery games available. Nearly every game that is offered usually comes with a large prize.

This is the case for a lucky winner that played the Jackpot Slots progressive jackpot game. The player purchased the ticket in Richmond from a Deluxe Party Store Main Stop Market.

How to Play

Fast Cash is a family of instant winning games that all power a progressive jackpot. This will grow each and every time a ticket is sold for one of the family of games.

Jackpot Slots is part of this family, so it naturally falls under the same rules as the other progressive jackpot Fast Cash games. These games can have prizes awarded instantly, including the jackpot, and they never run out.

The best thing about this type of game is that you do not have to deal with numbers, play slips, or wait for a drawing to occur. Everything you need will be located on the ticket itself after you purchase it.

For this game specifically, players will need to match three matching symbols that are in the prize legend on the same spin in order to win the corresponding prize. The matching prize amount will be located in the prize legend.

Every spin will be played on its own, one at a time.
If you happen to match up three of the “pots of gold” for the same spin, then you will win 100 percent of the Fast Cash progressive jackpot, which is something the lucky lottery player did.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

The overall odds of winning a single prize are 1 in 3.00. If you want to try and increase these chances, you can simply purchase an additional ticket.

For this strategy, keep in mind that you have to spend 10 dollars per play. This could be a lot to some, so make sure you know how much you want to spend.

The recent winner took the final jackpot ticket for this game, but there are still $5,000 prizes available. Below are the prizes and odds available for this game:

Prize Odds

For the odds of each cash prize

Progressive Jackpot – 1 in 400,000
$5,000 – 1 in 150,000
$1,000 – 1 in 27,273
$500 – 1 in 4,839
$100 – 1 in 143
$50 – 1 in 35
$20 – 1 in 15
$15 – 1 in 10
$10 – 1 in 8