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April 25, 2020
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April 29, 2020

As you may already know, Michigan Lottery has its current Let’s Play Giveaway ending soon for the month of April. The Drawing is not until May 6, but the contest for this month will end on April 30.

To help increase your chances of winning, the Michigan Lottery has added two additional games to the list for entries to the giveaway. Remember, to win the $100 in-store free play or 5,000 cash, you have to have eligible tickets from games scanned in-store or from your online games.

Northern Wilds

As a Michigan Lottery player, you may already have heard of these games. But now, you can play Northern Wilds to earn yourself additional entries.

In case you did not know, Northern Wilds has its own jackpot set at $40,000. So while you wait for your next Powerball drawing, why not play this one for a chance at a large jackpot?

The tickets cost range from five cents to two dollars.

When starting the game, you click to reveal the animal symbol that is associated with that ticket. Bonuses to look for in the game are:

  • Reveal an ANIMAL Symbol to win the prize shown for that ticket.
  • Reveal a COMPASS Symbol to activate the Wheel Feature for a guaranteed prize.
  • Reveal and collect a LEAF, ACORN, or BERRY Symbols to unlock Extra Reveals for a guaranteed prize!

Spring Cascade

Another fan favorite added to the eligible games list for the giveaway is Spring Cascade. You can play this game in addition to the Northern Wilds to earn yourself entries.

Spring Cascade has its jackpot at $50,000. For just a couple of clicks on this game, that could be a huge payout for you. The tickets will cost you between 10 cents and $10.

When playing the game, you click to reveal blocks that share a side together, and then they will be removed. You are looking for the following to get the biggest bonuses:

  • Reveal 3 BONUS blocks to unlock the Door Bonus.
  • Reveal 3 POT OF GOLD blocks to unlock the Pot of Gold Bonus.
  • Reveal 3 EXTRA REVEAL blocks to immediately play 5 Extra Reveals.

Good Luck!

You only have a little time left to turn those entries in for the giveaway. Keep playing your eligible games in addition to your in-store lottery games that you can scan for entries.