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Local Litchfield Resident Wins Big With Progressive Jackpot

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Progressive jackpot games have become quite popular among Michigan Lottery players. For those that are unaware, progressive lottery games typically grow the jackpot until someone wins, and it pays out that amount.

An anonymous player from Litchfield recently purchased a Doubler Wild Time Progressive ticket from a Shell gas station. A simple $10 purchase for this individual turned out to be worth $403,909.

  • Estimated Progressive Jackpot: $103,540
  • Updated: Tue, June 01
  • Pays: 100 Percent of Progressive Jackpot
  • Price: $10.00

How to Play

This progressive jackpot game falls under a series of Michigan Lottery fast cash games. These series of games are played with prizes won immediately along with the jackpot prizes.

These collections of games never run out and will reload prizes instantly. The game’s information to play resides on the ticket itself too.

To play Doubler Wild Time Progressive, you would need to purchase this from a lottery retailer. You can check your local one or search online.

For this game, you would need to match any of your numbers to the winning numbers on the ticket. If you happen to match the Doubler Wild Time Number to any of your numbers, then you will win the prize, but it is doubled.

Of course, everyone wants to see the magic word jackpot. If you reveal this, then you win 100 percent of the progressive jackpot.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

The overall odds of this specific game is 1 in 3. For each progressive game you play, these can be slightly different. To slightly increase your chances of winning a single prize, you can purchase an additional ticket.

By purchasing an additional ticket, you would need to put down $10 per play and so on. It would be beneficial to keep up with your expenses in order to see what your budget can handle.

Below you will see the odds and prizes that you can win for this game. For the anonymous player that won the jackpot, you can see how their odds were against them in the table below:

Prize Odds

Progressive Jackpot: 1 in 400,000
$6,000: 1 in 75,000
$2,000: 1 in 27,273
$500: 1 in 6,250
$200: 1 in 2,000
$100: 1 in 151
$50: 1 in 50
$25: 1 in 42
$20: 1 in 10
$10: 1 in 6