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Mega Millions Results From July 14
Mega Millions Results From July 14
July 16, 2020
Lucky For Life Winner
$25,000 A Year For Life
July 21, 2020

On April 15, one man and his family became $100,000 richer. He was playing the Fantasy 5 game at a local convenience store.

This family, in particular, has played this game for a while. The man and his wife have played for years, and once their kids got older, they let them pick out a line of numbers to play.

Game Snapshot

Estimated Jackpot:


How To Play

This game has the option of being able to play online or in-store. The online option will have a few more steps to go through, but it has the potential to make your picks much easier if you play this game often.

You start by choosing your numbers or letting the machine do it for you. First, you choose a total of 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 39.

You have the option to select Double Play. This feature will use your numbers in a second drawing immediately following the regular Fantasy 5 drawing. This allows you to have another chance to win additional prizes up to $110,000. This feature will add on an additional $1 more per panel, per draw.

You also have another option called EZmatch, which is your chance to win up to $500 instantly. This feature is when you match any of your EZmatch numbers with any of your Fantasy 5 numbers, you will win the amount shown next to the EZmatch number instantly. EZmatch feature also adds $1 more per ticket.

You can also choose to play up to 60 consecutive drawings with the numbers that you have selected. You can do this by marking a number in the multiple draw wagers area in-store or click the option online.

Odds and Payout

The odds and payouts for this game are as follows:

Regular Drawing

Overall odds: 1 in 9


  • 5 of 5/1:575,757 (Jackpot)
  • 4 of 5/1:3,387 ($100)
  • 3 of 5/1:103 ($10)
  • 2 of 5/1:10 ($1)

Double Play Drawing

Overall odds: 1 in 9


  • 5 of 5/1:575,757 ($110,000)
  • 4 of 5/1:3,387 ($200)
  • 3 of 5/1:103 ($20)
  • 2 of 5/1:10 ($2)


Overall odds: 1 in 5


  • $500/1:84,000
  • $250/1:42,000
  • $100/1:14,000
  • $50/1:4,942
  • $20/1:2,100
  • $15/1:1,293
  • $10/1:132
  • $5/1:280
  • $4/1:77
  • $3/1:14
  • $2/1:10