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Man in Dickinson Wins Jackpot in Winter Winnings Instant Game

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August 12, 2020
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August 17, 2020

A 73-year-old man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is now $500,000 wealthier. A simple $5 was hanging around in his pocket when he asked the clerk behind the counter at Econo Foods to “pick a winner.” 

Low and behold, he should be thanking that clerk. After scratching the ticket, he realized he had won big this time around. After claiming the money, he has decided to share with family and invest the remains. 

Game Snapshot 

Top Prize: $500,000

Price: $5.00

Overall Odds: 1 in 3.89

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How To Play 

This game has been popular for quite a while now. For $5, this in-store only instant win game has three different games into one scratch off. 

In Game 1, you have to match any of your numbers to the winning amount to the prize that is shown below that number. If you happen to get an ice skate symbol, you will win double that prize.

In Game 2, you will be playing with the rows. You have to match three identical prize amounts in order to win that specific amount.

In Game 3, if you get a snowman symbol, you will win the prize that is shown below that symbol. For the 73-year-old jackpot winner, he had one snowman with the $500,000. 

In case you purchase the ticket, and you are unsure of what to look at, it has specific instructions about the prizes and the symbols. This way, you should feel no pressure in having to remember the rules about each game. 

Odds and Payout 

The total amount of available prizes to start with is 1,212,657. There are only two jackpot prizes available in the beginning, and this winner had won the final of the two jackpots. The range of prizes are the following:










The overall odds of winning a single prize are 1 in 3.89. The odds for the other potential prizes on the ticket are not currently listed on Michigan Lottery’s website, but there is another way to increase your chances. 

You can purchase another game ticket to play another round. Keep in mind that it costs $5 a ticket to play and that if it falls into your gambling budget, then you are good to go.