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September 4, 2020
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September 9, 2020

Michigan Lottery fans looking to win the Jackpot for the Mega Millions are still in luck. After the recent drawing on Friday, September 4, no one won the grand prize of nearly $90 million. 

The recent winning numbers to win the Jackpot were:

White Ball: 19-22-24-28-53

Mega Ball: 25

Multiplier: 3X

Mega Millions Snapshot 

Estimated Jackpot: $97 million

Next Drawing: Tuesday, 10:00 pm

Overall Odds of Winning: 1:24

Drawing Schedule: Tuesday and Friday

Ticket Cost: $2

How To Play

For those that do not know how to play, the game is very simple. All you need is $2 minimum and some numbers to choose from. 

You simply have to create your own ticket by choosing five white-ball numbers in a range from 1 to 70. Then, you choose a single gold Mega Ball number that is in ranges from 1 to 25. After that, you just wait for the results. 

You can check your results online or on television. If you purchased the ticket online from your account, you can access it through the app or receive a notification if you have won a prize. 

Recent Drawing Prize Results

The most common prize that was won was the $2 prize. For this prize, your Mega Ball number has to match the drawn Mega Ball number. Nine thousand seven hundred forty-seven lucky players won this prize. 

The largest prize that was won was the Match 4 White Balls with Megaplier. This prize awarded two lucky players at $1,500. Thanks to the 3X multiplier, that particular $500 prize was tripled when those two players deceived to purchase the add on feature of a $1. Not a bad return on their money. 

Odds For Mega Millions Prizes 

The overall odds of winning a prize playing Mega Millions are 1 in 24. However, to win the current $97 million Jackpot, your odds and matching scenario are: 

5 White Balls + Mega Ball = 1: 302,575,350 

The prize that had the largest amount won, Match 4 White Balls with Megaplier, had odds at 1: 38,792

The prize with the most winners at matching the Mega Ball had odds at 1:37. 

To increase your chances of winning a prize from playing Mega Millions, you can simply buy another ticket. With that being said, you just take into account the money you are spending and that it falls in line with your budget. As with Michigan Lottery’s responsible gambling guide, you should only play what you can afford to lose.