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Triple Bonus Cashword Winner
Triple Bonus Cashword Bonus Recent Winner
January 29, 2021
New Michigan Lottery game: Love Struck
New Michigan Lottery Game: Love Struck
February 3, 2021

There has been a lot of buzz going on with the recent drawing of the $1 billion prize for Mega Millions in Michigan. Since then, it is easy to see why players would turn to this popular draw game.

As a result, another Michigan Lottery player has won a large prize while playing this game. The player from Ludington, who remains anonymous, won $1 million at a Meijer gas station.

Game Details:
Estimated Jackpot: $42 million
Next Drawing: Tue, 10:00 pm

How to Play

Each game will consist of selecting five white balls that will range from one to 70. Next, you will need to decide the one gold mega ball that ranges from one to 25. No need to worry about specifics, but if you have your favorite numbers in mind, then feel free to play them.

Adding an extra dollar will allow you to use the multiplier option. This add-on feature will increase your prize winnings by 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X the amount that is won on your ticket at that particular drawing.

You also have the ability to play this game online if you do not want to buy a ticket in stores or have to get out and purchase it. You will need an active Michigan Lottery account that will allow you to make these purchases online.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

Looking at the overall odds of winning a single prize, they are one in 24. You have the option of increasing these odds, but it is the only option, and it is to purchase an additional ticket to better your chances.

Each game will end up costing you a minimum of $2 per play, but keep in mind how much money you have spent on lottery tickets in total. Remember, playing responsibly with gambling is the best way to gamble, no matter how many times you enjoy playing your favorite games or add-ons that go along with your game purchase.

For each prize that is available, it will vary on how many numbers you tend to match, and the jackpot will increase over time. Michigan Lottery’s website will show any further prize-winning matchups and amounts, especially up to date available jackpot prizes.

The most common prize that is usually won is the matching of the Mega Ball number. This prize amount is $2. The second most common prize is the matching of the Mega Ball and one white ball, resulting in a $4 prize.

Check out the Michigan Lottery website for additional news and information.