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The new Michigan State Lottery Poker Multiplier is yet another dream-rich in-store instant win scratch game.

Cash prizes for the game range from winning your money back ($5), $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 to the top prize of $300,000 totaling well beyond twenty million dollars in overall prizes to be won.

At the launching of the Poker Multiplier game, a few weeks ago, there were exactly 1,548,002 individual prizes to be won by players.

The overall chances of being dealt a winning hand are 1 in 4.07.

Priced at $5 per ticket, each Poker Multiplier ticket gives Michigan Lottery players a shot at winning one of three top prizes worth $300,000 or another lower tier share of the $22,017,770 prize pot.

Players are given ten hands against the dealers one hand. When a player reveals a better hand than the dealers, they win the prize shown next to the winning hand.

Each winning hand is a multiplier, and players can multiply total winning prizes by up to ten possible times, so, the more winning hands one has, the more money they collect.

This means, if a ticket has more than one winning hand, the total prizes won by each hand are added then the sum is multiplied by the number of winning hands to get the final winning prize.

Cash prizes of up to $600 may be instantly claimed at any local Michigan Lottery retailer. Any cash prizes greater than $600 up to and including $50,000, requires winners to visit a Lottery Regional office, Bank Claim Center. However, to claim a $50,001 prize or more, winners are required to visit Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing.

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