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Don’t miss out on Michigan State Lottery’s new Super Raffle game! The Super Raffle tickets are selling like hotcakes and there’s a highly limited number of tickets left. So, it’s best you get yours early.

This Super Raffle game is a Michigan only based game featuring the richest raffle payout to date. It’s your best chance to win $4,000,000 ever! Find a local retailer near you to purchase your Super Raffle tickets. Each ticket cost $50.00. Ticket sales will end on 19 September 2018 at 1:59 a.m.

The overall odds of winning a prize in this Super Raffle game are 1 in 20. Broken down, they stand as illustrated in the below prize table:

Prize Table



1 Jackpot prize of $4,000,000 (annuitized over 30 years)

1: 300,000

2 prizes of $2,000,000 (annuitized over 30 years)

1: 150,000

10 prizes of $100,000

1: 30,000

3,300 prizes of $500

1: 91

12,000 prizes of $100

1: 25

Check the final drawing results on or after 19 September, 2018 to see if you’re a winner. For security reasons, players are advised to sign the back of their ticket as soon as possible.

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