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January 11, 2021
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January 17, 2021

One lucky winner from the city of Mendon, Mich., is able to say they are a lot wealthier now. At least for a rise in income, winning a large prize is life-changing for a lot of people.

The player, who is anonymous, recently won the $300,000 jackpot while playing Mystery Prize Cashword. The retailer that sold the winning ticket was Punjab Group, Mendon INC.

Game Details

  • Top Prize: $300,000
  • Price: $5.00
  • Overall Odds: 1 in 3.68

How to Play

You begin playing the game by scratching the call letters to reveal a total of 20 letters. Look for matches for each call letter to align with the corresponding letters in both of the crossword puzzles by taking off the scratch-off material that covers the matching letter.

If you reveal three or more completed words within each of the puzzles, you will win the corresponding prize found in the prize legend for that specific puzzle. The entire word has to be uncovered to win the corresponding prize.

In the crossword puzzle, every lettered square found within an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence has to be paired with a call letter for it to be considered a completed “word.” Words that are within other words do not count for a prize.

“Cash” symbols are free spaces. If you scratch each “Cash” symbol in the crossword puzzle, look closely because each “Cash” symbol is a free match and counts as a matched letter within the possible completed word.

For a mystery prize, if you happen to reveal three complete words, four complete words, or even five complete words for either crossword puzzle, simply scratch the mystery prize area next to the maximum number of completed words revealed. Then look at the corresponding prize legend to uncover your mystery prize.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

The overall odds of winning a prize are one in 3.68. To increase your chances of winning a prize, you could purchase an additional ticket. Keep in mind that each ticket costs $5 per play.

The following are the potential prizes you could win while playing:

  • $300,000
  • $1,000
  • $500
  • $100
  • $75
  • $50
  • $30
  • $25
  • $20
  • $15
  • $10
  • $5

There has only been one jackpot prize won so far. There were three to begin with, so now there are still two left out there that have not been played yet.