Rockford Woman Can Take Care of Her Family After Winning Big |

Rockford Woman Can Take Care of Her Family After Winning Big

How a Thursday Routine Led to Riches
May 26, 2021
The $1 Million Frenzy Multiplier Has Its First Jackpot Winner
The $1 Million Frenzy Multiplier Has Its First Jackpot Winner
May 31, 2021

Winning large jackpots is a dream come true for many people. Luckily for one Michigan Lottery player, that dream turned into a reality.

Dawn Force from Rockford played her usual game called Worth Millions after purchasing it on her morning routine on the way to work. Once she got to work, she scratched the ticket and realized she had won the grand prize.

Force decided to take the cash-out option of $2.5 million instead of the annual installments to equal $4 million. At age 62, you could argue that this was the right move.

Game Details

  • Top Prize: $4,000,000
  • Price: $30.00
  • Overall Odds: 1 in 3.03

How to Play

Before going to your local Michigan Lottery retailer and looking for this game, make sure the retailer has it by calling or searching online with the “Find a Retailer” option. There has been a limited supply with just under 50,000 total tickets left.

This game is a way to follow along but comes with a high price entry. At $30 per ticket, you could spend a lot very quickly when playing multiple tickets.

First, look to reveal a star symbol in any bonus spot. If you do, you simply win that specific prize amount.

The main game focuses on trying to reveal your numbers and to match them with the lucky prize numbers. To win, reveal the word prize below that dollar amount and win up to five times with a 5x symbol.

You can also match up three of the same amounts to win that prize in the middle section. In the second section at the bottom of the ticket, it is similar to matching your numbers with the lucky numbers again.

This time, there is a larger multiplier at play. If you reveal a 10x, this will multiply your winnings by 10 times that amount.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

Overall odds for this game are 1 in 3.03. If you plan on buying more tickets to increase your odds, remember that each ticket costs $30.

Below you will see the remaining tickets. As you can see, only one more jackpot ticket remains.

Prize = Remaining = Start

$4 million = 1 = 3
$15,000 = 3 = 40
$5,000 = 5 = 105
$3,000 = 21 = 375
$500 = 156 = 8,362
$300 = 441 = 20,996
$200 = 3,298 = 167,959
$100 = 4,058 = 210,264
$60 = 6,249 = 314,706
$50 = 14,633 = 630,070
$30 = 18,880 = 724,493
Total = 47,745 = 2,077,373