Senior Citizen Wins Quarter Of A Million Playing Michigan Lottery’s Daily Keno |

Senior Citizen Wins Quarter Of A Million Playing Michigan Lottery’s Daily Keno

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 A lucky senior citizen woman aged 84 years old from Calhoun County expressed sheer incredulity after learning she had been walking around for three weeks with a winning KENO ticket worth a $250,000 prize in her purse.

“I found this in my purse yesterday and had it scanned at a retailer. They told me I had to go to Lansing, but it never crossed my mind that I might have won $250,000.” Said the lucky woman, who also asked Michigan lottery officials to kept her name anonymous.

The 84-year-old woman is an avid Lotto player, who buys at least one KENO! ticket every day. She finally hit the daily Keno jackpot in the drawing held on July 19, 2018, where she matched 10 of the 22 winning numbers drawn. Her winning numbers were: 08-16-35-38-44-53-57-71-77-80.

She bought her winning ticket at the Family Fare store, located at 1603 z Capital Avenue in Battle Creek.

The lucky player visited Michigan Lottery H.Q. in Lansing on Thursday to claim her big prize. She plans to share her new-found wealth with family and save some, perhaps in her retainment plan. “When I got there, they scanned my ticket at the front desk and told me I won $250,000, I broke down in tears. It was so overwhelming.”

KENO game tickets cost $1 per play, for a chance to win prizes ranging from a free instant ticket up to $250,000. Drawings for the game are held every evening at 7:30 p.m.

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