A Local Temperance Player Wins Last Jackpot in Triple Million - Play Michigan Lottery

A Local Temperance Player Wins Last Jackpot in Triple Million


The last jackpot prize for a popular lottery game has finally been found. A resident from Temperance purchased a Triple Million lottery ticket that turned out to be worth $1 million.

The player purchased their winning ticket at a Gerths Beef and Deli. Below you can see what prizes remain and how to potentially win them.

Game Details

Top Prize: $1,000,000
Price: $10.00
Overall Odds: 1 in 3.93

How to Play Triple Millions

Triple Millions is only offered in store at lottery retailers across Michigan. Therefore, you will have to visit your favorite one or one that sells lottery tickets nearest to you. You can use the Michigan Lottery website to help search for a lottery retailer near you.

When you have purchased a ticket, simply scratch to reveal the ticket. Look for matches between your numbers and any of the winning numbers to win a prize. Depending on the match that has been made will result in that coordinated prize.

If you reveal a stack of cash symbols, then you will win that corresponding prize. A money bag symbol will triple a certain prize amount. A vault symbol will allow you to win all 20 prizes that are shown.

There are three fast cash prizes you can potentially reveal and win instantly. These include:

Fast $100: Reveal a “100”, and win $100 on the spot
Fast $200: Reveal a “200”, and win $200 on the spot
Fast $500: Reveal a “500”, and win $500 on the spot

Odds, Price, and Prizes for Triple Million

The overall odds of winning a single prize in Triple Million are one in 3.93. While these are appealing odds, you have a slight chance of increasing them.

By purchasing a second ticket alone, you are effectively increasing your winning opportunities. Keep in mind that it costs $10 each to play, so only pay for what you can afford.

Since the recent jackpot winner took the last jackpot, the best you can do is the $10,000 prize. This is still a good return for only paying $10.

Below are the prizes that remain for Triple Million:

Prize Remaining Start
$1 million 0 3
$10,000 2 10
$2,000 19 63
$500 2,030 7,852
$200 1,035 3,986
$100 17,482 66,870
$50 55,181 209,340
$30 83,841 314,770
$20 98,780 366,857
$10 176,915 628,972
Total 435,285 1,598,723


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