Ancient Riches Arrives with a $250,000 Jackpot - Play Michigan Lottery

Ancient Riches Arrives with a $250,000 Jackpot


Ancient Riches is the newest online lottery game offered by the Michigan Lottery. As part of the instant-win series of games, players will enjoy it as it is similar to other favorites.

With a $250,000 jackpot, this gives players an opportunity to win something a bit larger than other jackpot games. Below you can see how to play the game and what prizes you could win.

Game Details

Top Prize: $250,000
Ticket Cost: $0.20 – $50.00
Overall Odds: 1 in 4.41

How to Play Ancient Riches

Players must have a Michigan Lottery account in order to play this game. Setting up one takes a few minutes and is worth the process.

To win a prize, you have to reveal three or more marching adjacent symbols. Depending on what you have matched will determine the prize that is won, so check the prize table for specific matching symbol payouts.

The wild and wild x2 symbols will pair with all other symbols to help with winnings. However, they will not pair with other paying symbols, such as the Pegasus or bonus symbol.

If you reveal three Pegasus symbols, you can play the Pegasus bonus game. This will be for a guaranteed prize.

To get to the regular bonus game, you will need three bonus symbols to unlock it. These will have various treasure chests that could have prizes or symbols that stack up for the bonus. Either way, you will be playing for a guaranteed prize.

Odds, Price, and Prizes for Ancient Riches

The overall gambling odds of winning a single prize in Ancient Riches are one in 4.41. These are solid gambling odds to win a prize, but you could slightly improve your chances.

If you purchase an additional ticket, this will give you another winning opportunity. Keep in mind that each ticket cost will be between $0.20 and $50, depending on your wager amount. Setting up a budget before playing might be a good idea if you plan on purchasing additional tickets or wagering a larger amount.

The prizes range from $0.20 to the jackpot of $250,000. The odds for these prizes range from one in 16.58 all the way to one in 2,000,000. Purchasing another ticket does not guarantee a win, but it does give you a good gambling opportunity to win something.


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