Cash-Tastic Classics Arrives with $100k Jackpot - Play Michigan Lottery

Cash-Tastic Classics Arrives with $100k Jackpot

Cash-Tastic Classics

Cash-Tastic Classics is another online-only game that the Michigan Lottery has developed. Players will be able to see the Michigan Lottery’s historical games in the form of symbols as part of the 50th celebration game.


Depending on what you reveal determines the winning prize amount. Below you can see how to play and what prizes are available.


Game Details


Top Prize: $100,000

Ticket Cost: $0.20 – $20.00

Overall Odds: 1 in 4.64


How to Play Cash-Tastic Classics


Since this game can only be played online, you will need a Michigan Lottery account. Creating an account takes a few moments of your time, and you can play other popular instant win games in the collection.


When you have purchased your ticket, you will win by revealing three or more matching adjacent symbols out of the 18 that are given to make the playing grid. The payouts will vary depending on what you have matched. You can check the prize table at any time to see more details.


If you happen to match symbols that start at the top of the grid and work their way down to the bottom, you will earn twice the prize amount. Your prize will be three times the amount of clusters that form from the left of the grid to the right.


You will unlock the bonus game if you find three matching Raffle Bonus symbols anywhere on the grid. This will lead you to a guaranteed prize.


Odds, Price, and Prizes for Cash-Tastic Classics


The overall odds of winning a single prize for Cash-Tastic Classics are one in 4.64. These are solid odds to win a prize, but there is another way to increase your odds slightly.


You will bring the odds up in your favor if you purchase additional tickets. Keep in mind that this also affects your ticket costs, as you are spending more each time. A budget will likely need to be put into place if you decide to purchase more than you had planned.


The cost of each ticket ranges between $0.20 and $20, depending on the size of your wager. The prizes you could win range between $0.20 to the jackpot of $100,000. The odds range between one in 13.16 to one in 1,000,000 for those prizes.



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