Cashword Times 10 Jackpot Winner Takes Home $500,000 - Play Michigan Lottery

Cashword Times 10 Jackpot Winner Takes Home $500,000


A local lottery player from Muskegon is now $500,000 wealthier thanks to a Michigan Lottery game. The recent jackpot winner won while playing Cashword Times 10 in stores.

The player purchased their lottery ticket at an Apple Mill Amoco. Below you can see how to play and what you can do to increase your chances of winning.

Game Details

Top Prize: $500,000
Price: $10.00
Overall Odds: 1 in 3.41

How to Play Cashword Times 10

When you purchase the game in stores, simply scratch to reveal the ticket. Reveal the call letters to reveal 20 letters.

Match the corresponding letters for puzzles one, two, and three. There will be material you need to scratch near these.

If you scratch three or more completed words in either of those puzzles, but not the blue or pink words, you will win a prize that matches in the prize legend. The entire word has to be revealed in order to win a prize.

Only the highest word possible is going to count towards a prize, not a word within a word. In the crossword, every lettered square found in an unbroken horizontal or vertical chain with a call letter is considered a word.

If you happen to reveal a pink or blue letter within a crossword, it does not count towards that prize. Instead, you have to reveal the entire pink or blue word to earn a prize.

Keep in mind that the crossword puzzles are played independently. One word from one crossword cannot count towards another. If you scratch the bonus multiplier with a number, you can multiply your earnings.

Odds, Price, and Prizes for Cashword Times 10

The overall odds of winning a single price for Cashword Times 10 are one in 3.41. These are solid odds, and you have a great opportunity to increase them.

You could look into buying another ticket to increase your chances. Each ticket will cost $10 per play, so this could add up quickly if you try to buy another ticket.

The recent jackpot winner took home the first jackpot prize. Below you can see how many are left.

Prize Remaining Start
$500,000 2 3
$1,000 18 26
$200 1,037 1,549
$100 31,061 46,152
$75 13,043 19,444
$60 32,076 47,933
$50 74,502 111,105
$40 118,300 175,774
$30 260,789 387,512
$20 567,962 840,377
$10 440,976 646,628
Total 1,539,766 2,276,503


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