Highland Local Wins $500,000 with Recent Purchase - Play Michigan Lottery

Highland Local Wins $500,000 with Recent Purchase


One lucky Michigan Lottery player purchased a HIT $500,000 ticket at a Spring Valley Party Store. That ticket turned out to be worth the jackpot amount, which is $500,000.

This was the second jackpot prize that has been claimed in this game, so only one remains. Below you can see how to play and how you could be the next jackpot winner.

Game Details

Top Prize: $500,000
Price: $5.00
Overall Odds: 1 in 4.18

How to Play HIT $500,000

HIT $500,000 is an in-store-only lottery game, so you must locate a retailer and purchase it there. You can check out the Michigan Lottery website for more information or if you need help finding a retailer near you.

Once you have scratched and revealed your ticket, look at the numbers in the main play area. Simply match your numbers to the winning numbers to win a prize.

If you reveal a HIT symbol, then you win the associated prize for that. If you reveal a 100, then you win $100.

If you reveal a HIT number and have winnings on your ticket, your winnings will be multiplied. The multiplier is whatever the HIT number is when you reveal it.

For the Fast section on the ticket, there are more prize opportunities. A bankroll means $10, the stack of cash earns you $25, and the treasure chest is worth $50.

Odds, Price, and Prizes for HIT $500,000

The overall odds of winning a single prize for HIT $500,000 are one in 4.18. To slightly increase these odds, you could look into purchasing another ticket.

While this is a slight increase for odds in your favor, keep in mind the costs. Each ticket is five dollars each, so a budget is recommended whenever you try this method.

The recent jackpot winner found the second to last jackpot ticket. With only one jackpot ticket left, it could be worth purchasing a second ticket or potentially more.

As long as your budget allows, this could be a worthwhile opportunity. Below you can see the remaining prizes.

Prize Remaining Start
$500,000 1 2
$2,000 17 27
$250 233 460
$100 4,060 8,115
$50 86,120 169,920
$25 146,472 289,062
$10 376,270 730,712
$5 436,182 832,562
Total 1,049,355 2,030,861


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