Retiree Scores Big Lucky for Life Win In The Michigan Lottery - Play Michigan Lottery

Retiree Scores Big Lucky for Life Win In The Michigan Lottery

Retiree Scores Big Lucky for Life Win In The Michigan Lottery

A retiree from Grand Rapids hit the big time with a huge win playing Lucky for Life. Lucky for Life allows winners to score a winning ticket for a lifetime annuity payment.

Mark Moroski, a 67-year-old recent retiree from Grand Rapids, purchased his winning ticket online at The winning numbers of 2, 10, 17, 22, 42, and 46 lined up on the February 2 drawing to make the fortunate winner truly Lucky for Life.


Playing Lucky for Life

Moroski stated that he played Lucky for Life practically every day. He indicated his preference for online play since it’s more convenient.

Plus, online play means he doesn’t have to worry about losing a winning ticket. The strategy eventually paid off as Moroski hit the big time.

The morning following the drawing, Moroski received a notification by email. Upon logging into his account, Moroski found the news: a $ 25,000-a-year payment for life.

The man was speechless.

When Moroski visited the Michigan Lottery headquarters to collect his winnings, he opted to take a $390,000 lump-sum payment instead of the $25,000 annual payment. The payments are made annually for 20 years.

Ultimately, Moroski preferred the lump-sum payment. Winners can decide between keeping the annual payments for 20 years or taking a one-time payment minus tax deductions.

Moroski plans to buy a new car and put away the rest for retirement. He added, “I can relax and enjoy my retirement to the fullest.” For Moroski, it’s a welcome windfall after retiring a few years ago.


Getting Lucky for Life

Like Moroski, plenty of retirees play games such as Lucky for Life. Lucky for Life tickets start at $2, allowing players to earn prizes ranging from $3 to lifetime payments. Lucky for Life offers a main jackpot of $1,000 a day for life.

To win, players must match the five winning numbers, 1 to 48, plus the Lucky Ball draw with numbers ranging from 1 to 18. The players that match the five winning numbers, but not the Lucky Ball, earn $25,000 annually for life. Lining up three or four numbers can yield additional prizes as well.

Players can purchase tickets at Michigan Lottery retail locations or online at Nightly drawings take place at 10:38 pm.


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