Road Trip Debuts on Michigan Lottery Website with $150,000 Jackpot - Play Michigan Lottery

Road Trip Debuts on Michigan Lottery Website with $150,000 Jackpot

Road Trip Instant Winner Game

Road Trip is the newest online-only instant-win game offered by the Michigan Lottery. The game showcases a $150,000 jackpot and low ticket costs to play, which is appealing for most audiences.


Players familiar with other instant-win games offered by the Michigan Lottery will easily navigate through this one. Below you can see how to play and what prizes are available for Road Trip.


Game Details

Top Prize: $150,000

Ticket Cost: $0.05 – $3.00

Overall Odds: 1 in 42.33


How to Play Road Trip


Since Road Trip is only available online, players will need to have a Michigan Lottery account to play. If you do not have one, creating an account takes less than 10 minutes.


When playing, simply adjust the ticket cost and make your purchase for the ticket. Players will win a prize if they are able to reveal a winning symbol. The winning symbols are as follows:


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Binoculars


If you reveal a map symbol in the center space of your ticket, you will be able to collect prizes from non-winning symbols.


Revealing three bonus symbols amongst your tickets will unlock the bonus game. This will be for a guaranteed prize, with a fun minigame for you to play.


When playing the bonus game, choose suitcases until three matching prizes or the top prize symbols are revealed. If you reveal a wild suitcase, these will substitute all prize amounts and the top prize symbols.


Odds, Price, and Prizes for Road Trip


The overall odds of winning a single prize for Road Trip are one in 42.33. Yes, these odds are less appealing than other games, but you might have an opportunity to increase your chances of winning slightly, depending on your approach.


Purchasing another ticket could help you to win a prize. Each ticket costs between $0.05 and $3.00. Keep in mind what your budget is before deciding to purchase multiple tickets. Always play within your budget.


The prizes are between $0.15 and $150,000. The odds for those prizes range between one in 200 to one in 10,000,000! At this rate, purchasing a few extra tickets to change your chances of winning prizes might not hurt.


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