The Michigan Lottery Launches The Claw Online Instant Game - Play Michigan Lottery

The Claw is the newest online instant game available from the Michigan Lottery that gives players a chance to win guaranteed prizes of up to $150,000. It’s a one-click play-and-reveal game where players win by revealing clusters of matching symbols. In addition, it features multiplier capsules to boost your winnings, and players can reveal a COIN symbol, which powers up the claw machine to grab big prizes.

Each The Claw ticket has a 5×4 grid of hidden symbols and a prize table displaying the top prize for the current ticket. Players must first press the COIN button next to the PLAY button to select the ticket price.

Once selected, the player can purchase the ticket by pressing the PLAY button. After buying the ticket, new symbols will appear on the play grid, with the outcome of each play automatically revealed.

Players must reveal three or more matching adjacent symbols to win, with payouts based on the type and number of symbols that match. To see the Pay Table, players can press the ‘i’ button to see their winning amount and details.

Players can reveal a multiplier symbol at the same time as a winning cluster to multiply prizes by the amount shown. If more than one multiplier symbol is displayed, the values will be added together.

The total win amount from the cluster is then multiplied by the sum of the multiplier symbols. When revealing the COIN symbol to activate the claw machine, the claw will pick up all symbols on the grid simultaneously to guarantee the player wins.

The Claw tickets are available for purchase online for amounts as low as $0.10 up to $30. The overall odds of winning a prize playing The Claw are 1 in 4.38, but the odds will change as tickets are purchased and prizes are claimed. Prizes of $600 or less are automatically added to the player’s online account.

Bigger prizes are added to the pending prize screen and must be claimed using the online claim process. All prizes can be claimed for up to one year after the date the prize was initially won.

More than 180 online instant games are available from the Michigan Lottery, with top prizes of up to $2.1 million.


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Top Prize
Price: $0.10 - $20.00
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Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00
Wild Time Xtra
Top Prize
Price: $0.20 - $10.00
Wheel of Fortune
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00

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