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Try Your Luck with One of the Michigan Lottery’s Raffles

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The Michigan Lottery has a robust lineup of instant-win games and various other options for gambling. One of those, which is becoming more popular, is their raffles.

There are three raffles to choose from, which are Full of $50’s, 50th Anniversary Fridays, and 50th Anniversary 50/50. Below you can see how to play and what prizes are available.

Game Details and Top Prize

  • Full of $50’s: $5,000
  • 50th Anniversary Fridays: $50
  • 50th Anniversary 50/50: $50,000


How Each Raffle Works

The Full of $50’s raffle showcases a jackpot of $5,000, and it is simple to purchase your opportunity to win it. The other raffles are very similar in nature but have different prize amounts and ticket costs to enter into the raffle.

You will need a Michigan Lottery account in order to participate in the raffles. Setting up one takes a few moments of your time as long as you meet the criteria to legally make an account.

Tickets for any raffle are sold seven days a week, no matter the time. There is a cap on how many tickets are sold, which triggers the drawing immediately once it has reached a certain amount.

Odds, Price, and Prizes for Each Raffle

Each raffle will vary on odds, price, and the prizes you could earn. The Full of $50’s raffle, for example, has three different prizes players could acquire, and it provides more winning opportunities. Below you can see the overall odds of winning a prize and how many tickets are in each raffle.

  • Full of $50’s: Overall odds are one in 7.69 (10,000 tickets total)
  • 50th Anniversary Fridays: one in 200,000 (up to 200,000 tickets)
  • 50th Anniversary 50/50: one in 20,000 (20,000 tickets)


As you can see, it might be beneficial to purchase an additional raffle for which one you decide to play. Before doing so, make sure your budget can handle extra money being spent. Below are the prizes you could win and how much it costs per raffle.


  • Full of $50’s: $5,000 (one)/$250 (50 of these) /$50 (1,250 of these)
  • 50th Anniversary Fridays: $50 (50 of these)
  • 50th Anniversary 50/50: $50,000 (one prize)


  • Full of $50’s: $10
  • 50th Anniversary Fridays: $1
  • 50th Anniversary 50/50: $5


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Top Prize
Price: $0.10 - $20.00
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Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00
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Price: $0.20 - $10.00
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Price: $0.05 - $2.00

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