Warren Local is Lucky For Life Jackpot Recipient - Play Michigan Lottery

Warren Local is Lucky For Life Jackpot Recipient


Another lucky Michigan Lottery player has cashed in on a large prize. The recent announcement was a player from Warren who won $390,000 for playing Lucky For Life.

The player purchased their ticket at a Tiger Smoke and Vape shop. Below you can see how to play and how you could win big too.

Game Details
Win Up To: $1,000 A Day For Life
Purchasing Options: Online and In-Store
Drawing: Daily
Ticket Cost: $2.00

How to Play Lucky For Life

Lucky For Life is a popular game for Michigan Lottery players since it has life-changing jackpots. You can either play online with a Michigan Lottery account or check with your local lottery retailer.

Players must choose five white balls with numbers in a range from one to 48. After that, you must select one Lucky Ball number ranging from one to 18.

The drawings take place daily at 10:38 PM EST, so you will need to check back to see the results. If purchased online, simply check your account to see if you won.

Odds, Price, and Prizes in Lucky For Life

The overall odds of winning a single prize in Lucky For Life are respectable at one in eight. These are great for winning something, but the jackpot will likely be what everyone is after.

To win the jackpot, it requires a match of five white balls and the lucky ball. Those odds are much higher at one in 30,821,472.

If you would like to slightly increase your odds to win something, you could buy another ticket. Keep in mind that each play costs two dollars, so a budget will likely need to be used if considering multiple purchases.

The recent jackpot winner was able to win the $390,000 prize by matching just the five white balls. Since they did not have the lucky ball match, it prevented them from winning the top prize of $1,000 a day for life.

When matching all five white balls, it gives you the opportunity to win $25,000 a year for life or choose to cash out for the lump sum. As you can see, the recent winner chose to cash out their winnings.


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