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Let’s Play Giveaway: Month of February 2021
February 5, 2021
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February 10, 2021

Michigan Lottery players have a great opportunity to join in on awesome prizes and giveaways. For those that do not know, the Daily Spin To Win feature is a must-have for Michigan Lottery players.

This monthly giveaway will reward players for their time with various perks. You can check out February’s giveaway details below to see what is in store.

Giveaway Details

  • Entry Period: Feb. 1-28, 2021
  • Drawing Date: March 3, 2021

How to Participate

At the start of the entry period, each day Michigan Lottery players have the ability to spin the wheel online daily to see the prizes. Each spin has the potential to reward players with various prizes, such as in-store or online free play, or for the bigger reward of the chance at up to 1,000 entries at one time for the monthly $5,000 cash giveaway.

These entries that are earned for the giveaway will automatically be applied to the giveaway on your behalf from your account. This is a nice bonus since you do not have to convert these tickets or spend time trying to transfer them for prize entries.

Once the entry period is over, and the giveaway has ended, they will not be carried over to the next giveaway because the rules state they have to be reset back to zero at the beginning of a new entry period. Also, the wheel prizes are random, and you can only spin the wheel once each day.

Potential Winning Prizes

The daily spin giveaway each month appears to be a great opportunity for payers to win some great prizes. Below you can see the prizes that are available and that you could obtain:

  • $2 off a $5 purchase retail free play coupon offer
  • $5 retail free play coupon
  • $20 retail free play coupon
  • A $5 bonus credit
  • A play and earn offer: Play with $15, and get a $3 bonus credit
  • A $15 bonus credit offer
  • Deposit and earn bonus credit offer: If you deposit $20, you can get $10

The entries you can earn will vary. These are used towards the grand prize cash amount of $5,000.

  • 10 Giveaway Prize entries
  • 100 Giveaway Prize entries
  • 1,000 Giveaway Prize entries

There is not a way to increase your odds. However, by spinning the wheel essentially free once each day, you are earning opportunities to win prizes and entries towards the cash prize.