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The Motherlode

The Motherlode

The Motherlode is a featured online instant win game offered by the Michigan Lottery.

There were 1,000,000 tickets printed for each ticket price level in The Motherlode game. For each price level, 260,290 tickets are winners. So, the overall odds of winning a prize are one in about 3.83 tickets.

They established these odds of winning a prize, and the number of winning tickets before they launched the game. Thus, the odds will vary as tickets are purchased and prizes won.

How to Play The Motherlode

First you must select the cost for The Motherlode ticket for that run. This by tapping the “+” or “-” buttons above title labelled ticket cost. This adjusts the price per ticket. Tickets cost10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2, $5 or $10 per play.

Then click on “play” to buy and at the same time scratch your ticket. After each play, they will reveal 15 symbols in the play area.

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How you win in The Motherlode Game

So, if you reveal a cluster of 3 or more matching symbols where each symbol is directly above, below, or to the left or right of another matching symbol, you win the corresponding prize in the pay table.

The cluster of 3 or more matching blocks is then removed from the play area and they fill in one section of the prize multiplier meter. However, more symbols will appear in the place where symbols were removed.

However, should you remove five clusters of 3 or more symbols in a single play, all winnings in that play will be multiplied by two times.

The Motherlode Free Plays

But, should you reveal 3 FREE PLAYS symbols directly above, below, or to the left or right of each other to instantly win 5 automatic Free Plays. Cool huh!

Barrel Bonus

3 BARREL symbols

But, should you find 3 BARREL symbols in the play. You will instantly be directed to play the Barrel Bonus where one barrel is chosen, and you win the prize revealed in that barrel, and win all prizes shown, and auto exit the bonus play.

Mine Bonus

So, should you reveal 3 BONUS symbols in a play, you will immediately play the Mine Bonus for a guaranteed prize. In the Mine Bonus play, you have to select a crate to reveal several dynamite sticks, then select divisions of the mine to place each dynamite stick.

So, that is how to play The Motherlode. After which you can purchase another ticket, or adjust ticket price by re following the steps above.