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With a variety of Online Instant Games, Online Draw Games, In-store Instant and in-Store Draw as well as Second Chance games available, there is a plethora of Games to choose from on Michigan Lottery.

Learn more about the Games and general info including odds of winning, numbers tools and more in the articles below.

Colourful powerball on blue background

Stats On Winning Numbers By Lottery

Stats On Winning Numbers By Lottery

$500,000 Lucky 7's

Win up to fifteen times on a single $500,000 Lucky 7's ticket

Emerald 8's

Emerald 8's pull-tabs
- by Mi Lottery.

game # MI566

Fat Wallet pull-tabs
- by the Michigan Lottery.

Code named game #327

$50,000, LUCKY 7’S
- By the Michigan Lottery.

$5,000 Lucky 7's

one of the 5 Lucky 7’s family of instant games

Holiday Sparkle

This season’s premium holiday-themed instant game

Lucky 7s

Lucky 7s - Michigan Lottery's fun instant-win, Fast Cash game

20X Merry Multiplier

Play Michigan Lottery’s holiday themed, 20X Merry Multiplier

Naughty or Nice

A new in-store, holiday themed, instant game Naughty or Nice

Candy Cane Tripler

Michigan Lottery - Candy Cane Tripler

Wheel of Fortune

An exciting twist of the Wheel of Fortune game

Lucky Doubler

Lucky Doubler - Win up to 12 times

Wild Time Xtra

Its a Wild Time Xtra - A chance to Xtend your winnings

CashWord Millions

MI Lottery's CashWord Millions Instant Game

Newest Games

MI Lottery Newest Instant and Pull-Tab Games

Spin Code

Michigan Lottery's The Big Spin - Spin Code

Three New

Michigan Lottery's Three New Instant Games

Daily Spin

Michigan Lottery Daily Spin Rewards

On Sale 04 June

Star Spangled Bucks and $2,000,000 Platinum Play

Let's Play

MI Lottery's Let's Play May Giveaway Promo

Fast Cash Games

MI Lottery's New Fast Cash Games Sale 05 May

Level Up Giveaway

MI Lottery's Level Up Giveaway Offer

Win Indicator

New Pull Tabs Games and Starburst Feature

Scratch-Off Games

Lottery’s QUICK Family of Instant Scratch-Off Games

Guarantee a Win

Quick Pick or My Own Numbers To Guarantee a Win

Lottery Games

Why Do People Play Lottery Games

Cash Cow

New Instant Scratch Game Cash Cow

Second Chance

Michigan Lottery Second Chance Games

Numbers Tool

Introducing Combo My Lottery Numbers Tool

$500,000 Wild Time

Michigan Lottery’s $500,000 Wild Time Instant Game

Money Match

Meet Your Money Match Game Family by Michigan Lottery

Double Play

Fantasy 5 & Lotto 47 Double Play Promotion

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