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Michigan Lottery players have a handful of excellent lottery options to choose from. Some of these options feature large jackpots, progressive jackpots, and even instant win prizes that make the games more appealing.

Daily 3, as the name suggests, is a unique and fun game that you can enjoy daily. Players have the opportunity to play this game twice a day, with midday and evening drawings to accommodate any schedule.

For this guide, you will see the breakdown of Daily 3 and everything in between. By following this guide, you can also have the opportunity to create your own winning strategy.

Daily 3 Game Snapshot

Daily 3 is an in-store only game, so you will need to purchase your tickets at a qualifying lottery retailer. This game also follows a drawing schedule daily, so you will also need to follow those time frames if you want to play a certain one.

The drawing schedule is as follows:

Daily at 12:59 p.m. (Midday) and 7:29 p.m. (Evening).

Purchase Times:

If you happen to purchase a ticket and it falls outside the drawing window, do not worry. The ticket will simply be applied to the next available drawing.

The jackpot is set at $500, and this game is not a progressive jackpot. So the prize does not continue to increase the more people that play it, as the prizes are already set.

Each ticket will cost you either 50 cents or a dollar to play. This depends on how involved you want to be in the game, so you should expect to add a few more dollars to this if you are playing more than one ticket.

How to Play Michigan 3 digit

Assuming that you are of age to play, which is 18, you can enjoy this game. You will need to visit your favorite Lottery retailer and pick up a play slip. You can then choose to play either a $0.50 or $1.00 wager, and each has its own set of prize amounts.

Next, choose three numbers that are ranging from 0-9. You can choose the same number more than one time. If you want, you can mark “Easy Pick,” which will allow your numbers to be randomly selected.

You will have the option to play up to five panels per playslip. Also, you can simply choose to play up to 60 consecutive drawings with those same numbers that you have selected by checking off a number in the multiple draw wagers area.

Then, you can select to play your numbers with the corresponding time of the draw, such as MID (Midday) or EVE (Evening) drawing. Each drawing time does not really matter unless you want to have a specific time to check your numbers.

Finally, you will then need to decide on what bet type you want to wager. Each one will be slightly different. You can choose one of the following ways to play, as it is listed below.

Daily 3 Bet Types

As mentioned above, you will need to select one of the ways to play Daily 3 with a betting type below. These include Straight, Box, Wheel, 2-Way, and 1-Off.


You will win a straight if the numbers you have chosen happen to match the numbers drawn in the same order. For example:

Numbers played: 213

Winning combination: 213


You will win your box bet if your numbers happen to match the numbers drawn in any order. A box bet can either be a 3-way box with three winning combinations or a 6-way box with six winning combinations. Whichever one you choose, the odds and prize amount are dependent upon what option you select. For example:

For a 3-way win:

Your numbers played: 112
The three winning combinations: 112, 211, 121

For a 6-way win:

Your numbers played: 321
The six winning combinations: 321, 312, 213, 231, 123, 132


To win a wheel bet, your numbers have to match the numbers drawn in any order. This bet also has two amounts of wagering options.

With these options, you have a $1 or even the $0.50 betting option. These can be placed on each of the straight bet options available for the three numbers you have selected.

So, a $1 wager for the 3-way bet option will cost you $3, and a $1 wager for the 6-way bet costs you $6. As mentioned, the bet is either a 3-way or 6-way depending on how many ways you have chosen to combine those numbers.

For example:

A 3-way win:

Your numbers played: 112, 211, 121
The three winning combinations: 112, 211, 121

A 6-way win:

Your numbers played: 321, 312, 213, 231, 123, 132
The six winning combinations: 321, 312, 213, 231, 123, 132


As the name gives away, there are two different ways to win for this bet type:

In a 2-Way bet, there are not any $0.50 bet options. However, your $1 bet will be split into two separate $0.50 bets, being a straight and box. Whether the bet is a 3-way or 6-way is dependent upon how many possible combinations there are for the numbers you have chosen.

For example:

A 3-way straight win:

Your numbers played: 112
One winning combination: 112

3-way box win:

Your numbers played: 112
Three winning combinations: 112, 211, 121

6-way straight win:

Your numbers played: 123
One winning combination: 123

6-way box win:

Your numbers played: 123
Six winning combinations: 321, 312, 213, 231, 123, 132


This betting option is the last and final one, but it is also a fan favorite. You will win this bet if your numbers happen to match the numbers drawn in the same order, like a straight, or if one of your numbers is off by one from the set of numbers drawn.

For example:

1-Off straight win
Let us say the numbers you chose are 123.
There is only one winning combination for this straight, and it is 123.

However, this increases in the 1-Off one up and one down winning numbers.

Using the same set of numbers played: 123
Here are the six winning combinations: 223, 023, 133, 113, 122, 124

Daily 3 Strategy

Each player will be able to create their own strategy to find what works best for them while playing Daily 3. This guide is meant to point you in the right direction as to what works for you, so you will need to find a balance with your strategy and responsible gambling methods that Michigan Lottery uses.

One example of a way to win more often in Daily 3 is to play this game more often. Playing the game consistently on a schedule will often lead to more opportunities to win prizes.

In fact, games like these with smaller jackpots have better odds at winning than if you would have played something like the Powerball or Mega Millions. Since those games typically have larger jackpots, they considerably beat Daily 3 when it comes to prize amounts, but you have the chance to win smaller prizes more often.

A second strategy that some players enjoy is to select your own numbers that you like or have the machine randomly select it for you. Now, you usually hear players on one side or the other, never really both. The odds do not change, but it does open the door to better opportunities at winning if you stick to one method.

Another strategy that some players like to use is to search the hot and cold numbers from past drawings. These can be located online at Michigan Lottery’s website for the selected game, such as the Daily 3.

These numbers are typically updated after each drawing. If you enjoy magical numbers or lucky picks, then this option could be for you.

mi lottery daily 3 Odds and Payouts

Below you can see the odds and payouts for the Daily 3. Each set of options you can choose will have their own payout amount and odds accompanied with it.

The 50 cent wager has the total prize amount set at half of the prize amount for the dollar wager. Below, you will see the prize amounts for the dollar wager only. You need to cut it in half for the 50 cent wager amount.

Bet Type Odds Prize




1 in 1,000







1 in 333

1 in 167

1 in 167







1 in 333

1 in 167








1 in 333

1 in 167

1 in 167









1 in 333

1 in 167



As you can see by the available odds, the bet type with the best option to win is the 1-off. These odds are set at 1 in 167. Some of the other prizes are not available as far as odds.

Checking Results

For any Michigan Lottery game, other than scratch-offs, you will have the luxury of checking various sources for how your ticket fared. Unlike purchasing a ticket with other games, as this game is an in-store purchase only, you will not receive a notification to your phone or account if you win a prize.

However, one way you can review your ticket after the drawing is to watch for the drawing results on your local television program, like a news station. You could also look up the results on Michigan Lottery’s website or check out how you did with the mobile app to see if your numbers were winners that matched any of the numbers drawn.

daily 3 Claiming Prizes

There are a select few different ways that you can claim and accept prizes you have won through the Michigan Lottery. Some games will have very specific guidelines for what you need to do if you happen to win a large amount.

You can claim any in-store lottery prize that is more than $600 and up to $99,999.99 by:

Before you begin to claim any prize, it is important that you have everything needed, so you do not waste any time collecting it. Below you will see what is required to complete an in-store prize claim that is over $600:

Although the jackpot on the Daily 3 gets to $500, you might have to go through a few extra steps of paperwork to claim multiple prizes if they add up to over $500.

If you happen to win a prize of $1,000 or more, the state law (MCL 432.32) requires the Michigan Lottery to withhold any outstanding debts that the person has. This can be up to and including the full amount of the prize you have just won.

In this situation, it will only occur if you have something on file with the State of Michigan. If you have any questions regarding any debts, you should check with the Department of Treasury at 517-636-5265.

For prizes of $600 and below, like the lone jackpot amount on Daily 3, you have a simple option for claiming this amount. Any of these cash prizes up to $600 can potentially be claimed at any Michigan Lottery retailer.

Keep in mind that even though most Lottery retailers will usually redeem cash prizes as a service to their customers, you will need to remember that these locations are not required to do this at all by state law or by the Lottery rules and regulations.

Some of these locations could have strict policies regarding the amount of cash available to their employees to hand out for prizes. So there is likely a scenario for a store to be unable to redeem your prize and winning ticket.

If you are having difficulty locating another retailer close to you, try to check out the Retail Finder online or use it in the Michigan Lottery mobile app.


Any prize amount that is greater than $600 and up to and including $5,000 will have some tax information that you should look into. The Lottery itself does not withhold any taxes.

However, lottery retailers are required to report those winnings to the IRS and the Michigan Department of Treasury. So, it is the players’ responsibility to keep up with this information because it will be required to have it reported as income in the tax year that the prize is claimed.

Responsible Gambling and Michigan Lottery

When playing any game offered by the Michigan Lottery, you need to make sure that you play each one responsibly. Even though the Daily 3 is “cheaper” in terms of wagering amounts to play, you should still keep in mind what your bankroll situation says.

One easy way to do this is that you could set yourself a playing budget. This means you will have to figure up your finances and what money you could afford to lose when playing a game like Daily 3.

For example, say after your expenses or other bills are paid for, and you have $100 extra to play with, you could use some of that money to play a game such as the Daily 3 without having to worry if you go over. Of course, always double-check yourself if you find that you are running close to those totals.

Another option is to back down the number of times you play. If you are one to constantly play and spend money, then it might be time to dial it down on how often you play.

You could make a schedule to play on that rotates with how often you play and how much you spend. With this in mind, you can significantly reduce your risk and how much you spend.

In the event that you feel like you have a gambling problem, confidential help is available to you at any time. If you feel differently or need someone to talk to about a potential gambling issue, you can still have a friendly chat with a representative to go over your gambling methods or your current situation.

The Michigan Lottery is excellent in this regard and their customer service. Below you can select one or multiple of the following options for guidance:

Helpline: 1-800-270-7117
Text: 1 (248) 648-3363
Live Chat (on the website)



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