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Michigan Lottery and Keno fans alike have some common ground. When trying to find a way to play high-quality instant win Keno games and on a platform that will allow you to play anywhere in the state of Michigan, look no further than Michigan Lottery.

What Is Keno?

The current estimated jackpot is about $110,000. The drawings are held every evening at 7:29 pm.

You can purchase your tickets, either in-store or online. Ticket sales for the current drawing are available until the night of the draw at 7:08 pm daily.

If you have missed the cutoff for the current drawing, you can purchase your tickets after the 7:08 pm cutoff. These tickets purchased after that time will be used for the next drawing.

Can You Play Keno Online in Michigan?

The beauty of the Michigan Lottery is how mobile-optimized they are with their games. If you want to take your games with you wherever you want to go and play Keno, you have some options.

There are four Keno games available on the Michigan Lottery website. Those games are:

How Many Draws?

You can play the games as much as you like, to the extent of how much money you have available to play. There is no limit to how many keno games since they are instant win games.

How Does The Drawing Work?

iTech Labs reviews and officially certifies the random generation of the numbers responsible for the winning numbers for each keno game. They seek to make sure that there is a fair chance at every number being drawn every single time the game is played.

How Do You Play Instant Keno?

Top Prize: $200,000
Ticket Cost: $0.10 – $20

Each Instant Keno online ticket has one Keno game board that consists of 80 numbers. You are able to pick up to 10 numbers each time you play Instant Keno draw.

Twenty numbers total will then be drawn for each Instant Keno drawing. If the numbers that you chose match the numbers that were drawn, you will win the prize in the payout table below.

Here are the prizes you need to look for when you purchase your picks. The table below is when you purchase your numbers, and all of them are correctly matched:

Payout Table

Main Prize if All Match

Some prizes will be a little less than the amounts shown, such as picking eight numbers, and winning six correct picks will earn you $50. These will automatically be updated in your account should you win, and you can always check the Michigan Lottery website for further information.

How Do You Play Instant Keno Multiplier?

Top Prize: $500,000

Ticket Cost: $0.25 – $20

For each Instant Keno Multiplier ticket, it will feature one Keno board that has 80 numbers. You are able to play up to 10 numbers per draw. After you have chosen your numbers, three stars will then be placed on three of the remaining numbers. Just like the first game, 20 numbers will be selected for each draw. If your numbers match up to the ones in the draw, you may be eligible for prizes according to the payout table. If two or three of the star numbers appear, your earnings will be multiplied by an amount in the table below.

Payout Table

Main Prize if All Match

How Do You Play Bullseye Keno?

Top Prize: $500,000

Ticket Cost: $0.10 – $4

Keeping with the same theme here, there is one board with 80 numbers. There is also a bullseye board with seven multiplier values and at least one keno bullseye ticket.

You can purchase up to 10 tickets with up to 10 numbers per ticket. Then one of the seven multiplier numbers and 20 out of the 80 game numbers will be drawn.

If your numbers match what is drawn, and it qualifies for the amount needed for a prize, it will then be multiplied by the multiplier that was drawn. The multiplier amounts are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 25.

Payout Table

Main Prize if All Match

Payouts will differ based on multiplier and numbers correctly matched.

How Do You Play Fuzzball Keno?

Top Prize: $500,000

Top Prize: $500,000

Finally, the same scenario is going on here. You have a board with 80 total numbers, play up to 10 numbers, and then 20 out of the 80 numbers will be drawn.

If your selected numbers match the numbers that are drawn, you will win a prize relative to how many of your numbers match. The payout table is below.

Payout Table

Main Prize if All Match

Keno Strategy

When playing Keno, you want to have the best plan going forward. You want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck in earning prizes but also have fun in the process.

Some quick tips on a strategy include:

Best Payouts

You simply want to play the game with the best payouts. However, you should also choose one that makes you happy to play.

All the Keno games offered have similar payouts, odds, and play structure. This option is completely up to you and how you want to play.


By finding a free version of a Keno game, you can get a feel for how the gaming system works. You can also try out a demo version on the Michigan Lottery website to see in real-time how each one operates.

You also need to practice safe gambling habits. If you want to play Keno, you need to make sure you have the proper money set aside and the amount you want to play with at a reasonable amount.

Amount of Numbers

For each Keno game, you can select up to 10 numbers that you would like to play. Since there are 80 numbers total, you have that many options.

Only 20 of those 80 will be chosen, so it is important to know what numbers you want. For most people, it is better just to let the numbers be random versus picking out your own numbers.

It is also better to play somewhere between four and eight numbers out of 10. Your odds are in the “middle ground,” so to speak, and the payouts will generally, over time, help you earn back any wagers.

If the jackpots are large, it may also be beneficial to purchase as many as possible since the payouts will be a much greater reward for buying those few extra tickets.

Biggest Winnings and Jackpots

The two biggest jackpots that Keno offers are the Keno multiplier and the Keno bullseye. The top prize for both is $500,000.

The other two Keno games offered have slightly lower jackpots. Instant Keno and Fuzzball Keno have jackpots of $200,000.

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Instant Keno
Top Prize
Price: $0.10 - $20.00
VIP Gold
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00
Wild Time Xtra
Top Prize
Price: $0.20 - $10.00
Wheel of Fortune
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00