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Michigan Lottery Launches New Online Games

Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Lottery continues to hand out massive sums of money to players, and it does a great job of keeping players interested. Players have enjoyed some of the new instant games found at retailers, but that’s not the only way to play. 

Michigan Lottery has a terrific online site, and that’s a great place to find some of the latest games. A couple of new games just hit the internet, and those are going to become popular options in a hurry. 

Ghostbusters Prized Possessions

Ghostbuster Prized Possessions is the latest instant online lottery game to hit the internet, and there are a number of ways to play this game. Tickets can be purchased for as low as $0.20, or a bigger prize can be won with a $20 ticket. 

The overall odds to win a prize in this game are set at 1 in 4.70, but those odds get smaller for the top prizes. Players will be looking to match three symbols in one row as that will unlock a prize based on the grid. 

Buying a more expensive ticket is not going to unlock more prizes, but it will increase the chance to land a bigger prize. For Ghostbusters fans, this is a perfect opportunity to see some of the popular characters come to life. 

Just like with other instant online lottery games, Ghostbusters Prized Possessions is extremely easy to play. There are some buttons that will need to be pressed, but the Michigan Lottery will have tips on the screen. 

Big Crush Volcano

Big Crush Volcano is another new game from the Michigan Lottery, and there is a top prize of $150,000 available. The cheapest ticket for this game is just $0.50, or there are also $30 tickets available as well. 

The odds to win a prize on this game are actually better than the latest game as they are sitting at 1 in 4.05. Many of the tickets will come with a prize that will simply unlock another free play on this specific game. 

This game will look a bit different as most of the others online as there is a 5×4 grid that shows up on the screen. Like most games that are available, a Wild symbol is the top option as that is when the wins can become much larger. 

It’s unclear how long this game will last online, and getting in on the action right away is the best option to explore. 


Instant Keno
Top Prize
Price: $0.10 - $20.00
VIP Gold
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00
Wild Time Xtra
Top Prize
Price: $0.20 - $10.00
Wheel of Fortune
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00

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