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August 29, 2018
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Taking a look at the numbers for every dollar spent by the Michigan State Lottery. Last year we estimate that about 61 cents went to prizes. 29 cents to the school aid fund. 7 cents went to commissions for vendors and retailers and 3 cents went to pay for administrative costs.

To maintain and support free public elementary and secondary education, the Michigan Lottery contributed its fair share of about $924.1 million to the School Aid Fund during the financial year, which ran from October 2016 to November 2017.

An autonomous audit is done every year to make sure Michigan Lottery monies go where they are supposed to go. last year found the audit revealed that the Mi Lottery reached yet another new record high. A third straight record-breaking contribution to the School Aid Fund.

The Michigan State Lottery contributed $924.1 million, an estimated 7.5% chunk in the entire $13 Billion School Aid Fund pie. And for the past five years, Michigan Lottery’s contributions to the School Aid Fund total to about $4.1 billion.

In total, the Michigan Lottery has contributed more than $21 billion to support public education since 1972. This includes more than $700 million in each of the past 11 years.

Michigan Lottery Yearly Contributions to The Education System

2017$924.1 million
2016$888.9 million
2015$795.5 million
2014$742.8 million
2013$734.3 million
2012$778.4 million
2011$727.3 million
2010$701.3 million
2009$724.5 million
2007$748.9 million
2006$688 million
2005$667.6 million
2004$644.8 million
2003$586 million
2002$613.5 million
2001$587 million
2000$618.5 million
1999$621.1 million
1998$616.1 million
1997$587.7 million
1996$548.3 million
1995$547.7 million
1994$511.0 million
1993$427.6 million
1992$474.0 million
1991$456.6 million
1990$489.1 million
1989$483.9 million
1988$488.4 million
1987$407.1 million
1986$414.9 million
1985$359.6 million
1984$236.4 million
1983$221.9 million
1982$205.5 million
1981$201.8 million
1980$202.8 million
1979$168.5 million
1978$135.9 million
1977$109.7 million
1976$122.8 million
1975$63.7 million
1974$63.7 million
1973$36.6 million
TOTAL$22,114.50 Billion