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November 16, 2020
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November 20, 2020

The latest big winner of the Michigan lottery hit it big while playing Jumbo Jackpot Slots. The player, who has chosen to remain anonymous, won $404,564 while playing Jumbo Jackpot Slots at Buddies Grill in Holt.

Game Snapshot

Estimated Progressive Jackpot: $286,883
Pays 100% of Progressive Jackpot + $250,000
Price: $20.00

How to Play

Jumbo Jackpot Slots are in the Fast Cash category of games. Fast Cash games are instant-win games that will feed into one progressive jackpot. It continues to grow with each ticket sold.

Games are constantly played, and prizes will continue to grow, including the jackpot. Also, these prizes will never sell out, and they also instantly reload after a winning ticket is sold.

The simplicity of these games is appealing since there is no need to select numbers, fill out cards, or wait for the drawings. You will find everything you need on each Fast Cash ticket.

The information you will find on these cards is the current Jackpot, game rules, how to win and what prizes, and what the symbols and numbers are needed to match and win. You can find these Fast Cash games at any Michigan Lottery Retailer. Simply ask for the Fast Cash game you want to play or ask for a recommendation.

For this game, you will need to match three like symbols from the prize legend in the same spin in order to win the corresponding prize located in the prize legend. Winning spins that include any “die” symbol with a three on it means you will win triple the prize amount for that spin. Keep in mind that each spin is played separately.

If you match three “pots of gold” symbols in the same spin, you will then win 100% of the Fast Cash progressive jackpot + $250,000.

Odds, Price, and Prizes

Prizes                             Odds

Progressive Jackpot  + $250,000 1 in 400,000

  • $10,000            1 in 18,750
  • $6,000              1 in 15,000
  • $1,500              1 in 8,334
  • $1,000              1 in 6,977
  • $500                 1 in 1,631
  • $150                 1 in 690
  • $90                   1 in 96
  • $60                   1 in 50
  • $50                   1 in 24
  • $30                   1 in 10
  • $20                   1 in 6

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 2.88. Simply increase your chances of winning by purchasing an additional ticket. Each game will cost you $20 a play.

Remember to keep an eye on how much you are spending, and always gamble responsibly.