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August 14, 2020
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Michigan Lottery fans have an excellent opportunity to win some extra cash and enjoy their favorite games. If you do not have an account, but want a chance to win $100, then this is also some news you need to hear. 

The current Keno Craze bonus is going on right now and lasts until August 18. So if you participate or already enjoy some of the games listed below, you can earn a chance to be an extra $100 richer. 

Beginning Date: August 14, 2020

Drawing Date: August 20, 2020

What Prizes Can You Win?

100 lucky players will be able to receive $100 in Online Bonus Credit. After playing select games and making an additional deposit, you can earn a handful of bonus entries to the current giveaway. 

The credit will be applied as soon as possible on the date of the draw. Check your account online to see if you have won on the 20th. 

How Can You Win?

Michigan Lottery players will be able to earn an entry into the Bonus Credit drawings by playing these featured games of the day listed below:

August 14: Instant Keno

August 15: Fuzzball Keno

August 16: Bullseye Keno

August 17: Top Shot Keno

August 18: Instant Keno Multiplier

You only have to play these games a minimum of 1 time during the day listed for that game to earn an entry. However, you can still play them as many times as you wish to enjoy winning prizes on those specific games.   

Unlocking Additional Bonus Entries

To earn more bonus entries, if you make a deposit of $10 or more, you can earn an additional 50 entries. These bonus entries are unlocked within your first day of the deposit.You can use those bonus funds to play the featured game of the day, which will reward you with the additional entries.

Terms and Conditions 

After making the deposit and earning the extra entries, you will be capped off at a maximum of 51 total entries per day. The results of the entry, play and/or deposit requirements revealed, will be the same for all participants that have entered the giveaway. 

All of the daily offers are predetermined and will not be adjusted unless under the discretion of the Michigan Lottery. You also need to be the primary and only user of your account. Letting someone else or a minor play is stricken prohibited and could cost you your account.