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Cash In With Coins of the Titans

Coins of the Titans

We’re looking at another new game here and it’s one that promises to be a real crowd pleaser. With the chance to win over $100,000 in one single turn, Coins of the Titans offers the perfect opportunity for players trying to score on one turn and then get up and out of there. It’s a game, like many others, where you can wager however much you’d like and hope that at the end of the stanza, things match accordingly. 

When you’re taking a peak at the best of the best, this game is right up there. It’s all new, and we’re going to get into the nuances and the odds of getting the jackpot. Stay tuned folks, because here we go.

Ins And Outs of The Game

With spins costing anywhere from $0.50 to $20 per turn, there is not too much cost involved with getting into this game. It’s not going to burn a hole in your pants pocket, and it is surely worth taking the plunge. The odds of a win sit at 1 in 4.68, so for less than $100, individuals could spin for the one hundred thousand dollar mark and come away successful.

Perhaps a bold strategy could be to just wager $20 each time rather than building up to it or staying on the lower side. Because if that winds up being the case, then, well, you’re not going to be changing anything from the norm that it resides at. It’s a game that lends itself to top-tier visuals that will keep the eyeballs of anyone playing right on the game itself. 

The vintage feel is a crowd-pleaser and something that is surely going to make a difference with the number of turns played. And like most of its kind, all that has to happen for a win to occur is three or more matching adjacent symbols need to pop up on the screen. If that happens, go crazy. Celebrate. Money in your pockets is coming in. 

Make Sure To Give It A Try

When talking about new games, Coins of the Titans is right up there at the top. When deciding to get into the latest surrounding the Michigan Lottery, make this one of the choices. Why not? Nothing to lose. Go for it. 


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