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Changing Of The Leaves


As autumn draws near and we begin to wave goodbye to the summer, the themes of Michigan Lottery games are beginning to change. With new releases every couple of days, the creators are looking to continue to stay with the times, and this is no different. It’s the end of the waves and the introduction to apples and leaves.

As we break down the newest release, we remind you to get involved with the Michigan Lottery. Big wins will find you, and it will provide an exciting hobby as you go through your days.

How To Play

Autumn Bucks follows a similar theme to a lot of the other slot games, which feature a huge prize. With a jackpot of $100K and a spin being as cheap as $0.10, it doesn’t cost much to get in for the big score. The highest single turn costs $20, which would mean a little more risk is applied, but it is still worth it because 1 in 4.44 turns winds up being a win.

With that said, the graphics make the game pop, and it really brings things in. Sunday mornings would be the best time to play based on the vibes it will associate with, but it is good seven days a week, no matter when the user wants to get down and funky with it. Like many of the earlier cascading win games, this just needs three or more matching symbols in order to earn the huge opportunity.

There are a number of situations to find yourself in where playing this game and winning go hand-in-hand.

Tis The Season

Any chance to win $100K really doesn’t need too much of an explanation. But something to keep in mind with Autumn Bucks is that the best time to play will be over these next few months. The other beauty of winning the game would be that some of that money could be used to have some memorable fall fun.

And the higher the jackpot score, the more that can be used towards trips rather than just local activities. It may pay to get invested in the future, but it’s also true that money earned should be enjoyed however the victor chooses.

Make sure to choose this game. It’s going to be all the rage any moment now.


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