Detroit local wins $500,000 on a $25 Million Cash Payout ticket

Detroit Local Wins $500,000 While Playing $25 Million Cash Payout

Detroit Local Wins $500,000 While Playing $25 Million Cash Payout

A lucky Michigan Lottery player from Detroit is $500,000 wealthier after winning a jackpot from a popular game. The player purchased a $25 Million Cash Payout ticket at a JCJ Food store that turned out to be a big winner.

The player also found the first jackpot prize in this series of in-store lottery games. Below you can see how to play, what prizes are available, and how you could potentially win a large prize.

Game Details

Top Prize: $500,000

Price: $5.00

Overall Odds: 1 in 4.08


How to Play $25 Million Cash Payout


A $25 Million Cash Payout ticket can only be found in lottery retailers. These would be various gas stations, convenience stores, or even restaurants. If you have difficulty finding one, you can check the Michigan Lottery website to search for one near you.

Once you have purchased your ticket, simply scratch it to reveal it. Look for matches between your numbers and the winning numbers in order to win a prize. Depending on what you have matched will determine what prize you have won.

You will win that corresponding prize if you reveal a “win” phrase in any spot. If you reveal a 10x symbol, you will win ten times that prize amount.

For the star bonus section, simply look for dollar amounts upon revealing your ticket. These could be $10, $20, or $50 for the bonus spots.


Odds, Price, and Prizes for $25 Million Cash Payout


The overall odds of winning a single prize for a $25 Million Cash Payout are one in 4.08. These are solid odds to win a prize, but you have an opportunity to slightly increase your chances of winning.

If you decide to purchase another ticket, this will slightly help your odds. Since each ticket costs $5 each, having a budget might be a good idea.

The recent jackpot winner took home the first jackpot prize, leaving two left for other players. Below you can see how many prizes are available.

Prize Remaining Start

$500,000 2 3

$10,000 6 14

$2,000 15 26

$500 285 565

$100 8,796 17,207

$50 65,393 128,608

$20 226,995 438,688

$10 333,728 641,260

$5 450,867 843,637

Total: 1,086,087 2,070,008



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