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Michigan Public Schools Improve Thanks To the Michigan Lottery

Michigan Public Schools Improve Thanks To the Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Lottery announced a $1.25 billion contribution to the state’s public schools as part of its ongoing support. Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined the event, underscoring the significant contribution the Michigan Lottery has made to the state’s public education system over the last 50 years.

Governor Whitmer emphasized how Michigan Lottery games offer players a chance to win life-changing prizes and help public school students succeed across the state. The Governor thanked players for supporting local communities and businesses with their ongoing support for the Lottery.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Contribution

The contribution marks the fourth year in a row that the Michigan Lottery has contributed a billion dollars or more. Governor Whitmer highlighted the importance that the Lottery has played in helping schools across the state improve education. The Governor stated;

“These funds help us continue making historic investments in public education and give every student the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.”

The financial contribution by the Michigan Lottery goes to the School Aid Fund. The Fund focuses on investment in public schools featuring per-student funding, investment in special education programs, early childhood development, ongoing adult learning, at-risk programs, breakfasts and lunches, career counseling, and technical training, among other programs.

The School Aid Fund

The School Aid Fund was set up in 1972. Since then, the Michigan Lottery has contributed over $27 to the Fund. Since Fiscal Year 19, the Michigan Lottery has contributed almost $5 billion to the Fund. Lottery Commissioner Brian O. Neill heralded de support from players, retailers, vendors, and public-service professionals who make these contributions possible.

The Michigan Lottery spends the following per dollar:


  • 63 cents go toward player winnings
  • 25 cents go toward the School Aid Fund to support public schools
  • 9 cents go toward retailers and vendors in commissions
  • 3 cents go toward the Michigan Lottery’s operations and running costs


It is worth noting that Michigan state law requires the Lottery’s profits to go toward the School Aid Fund. Also, the Lottery is one of the multiple funding sources public schools have across the state. Players’ ongoing support for the Lottery helps finance schools across the state, leveling the playing field in some of the most underprivileged communities.


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