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Nothing Can Stop Father And Son


When it becomes a family affair, few things will be able to slow them down. And when it comes to the Michigan Lottery in this case, well, good luck stopping them. With our latest story about a big winner, we’re examining a father and son duo who scored big in Macomb County.

So, let’s talk about their big achievement and what it means for folks looking to do big things as a result of this one coming through.

How It Happened

The Powerball is always offering opportunities for some massive moola to be scored. It was back on August 26th when this father and son duo won a ticket that got them $50,000, but it then went through the multiplier, and it tripled.

The morning after checking what was in front of them, Gary Mallet could not quite comprehend things. What he was looking at was unclear, and it was relatively unfamiliar.

As soon as Mallet and his son went over to the ticket clerk at the Harper Gas Station, she informed him of his insane victory of over $150K. This is the type of money everybody would love the chance to win, to be able to spend, and to be able to bolster their savings rather quickly in ways that so many people will never get the chance to do without an insane amount of hard work and hours.

The pair recently went to lottery HQ to claim their prize, and they have no extravagant plans on which to spend it. They’re looking to use it to pay their phone bills, complete some home repairs, and put the rest into their savings accounts.

A simple way to enjoy the new money, but the perfect way to do it. Nothing crazy, and not changing any habits.

Why This Win Should Inspire You To Get In The Game

The beauty of the Michigan Lottery is that people of all ages are able to earn their wins, and with that said, it does not discriminate. You could be 21, you could be 75.

It does not make a difference what gender you are or what type of upbringing you had. The type of win that may come in for the lucky individual is going to see a huge gain.

Watching this father and son have their time in the limelight and pick up money that will make life easier should be all you need. Embrace the lottery. Give it a chance. And you could be the next Gary Mallet.


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