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A lucky player from Clinton County scored $1 million playing Sizzling Hot 7’s. The winner, a 30-year-old woman, nearly tossed her ticket away before realizing she had landed the jackpot win of a lifetime.

The fortunate winner, who wished to remain anonymous, bought a $10 Sizzling Hot 7’s ticket at a Michigan Lottery retail location in Ovid. Ovid is situated roughly 30 miles northeast of Lansing.

The Win that Almost Wasn’t

The player mentioned she frequently bought instant-game tickets each month when they came out. One night, she decided to purchase two Sizzling Hot 7’s since it’s one of the Michigan Lottery‘s newest games.

After scratching off both tickets, the winner thought the tickets were duds. She put them in a bag with other items to be discarded. The next morning, she decided to look over the tickets before throwing them away. Fortunately, she did. One of the tickets revealed the $1 million jackpot prize.

She couldn’t believe it. The winner called her mother and husband to tell them the good news. The lucky player went down to Michigan Lottery headquarters to collect her winnings. Instead of taking annuity payments for the full amount, she opted for a one-time lump-sum payment of $693,000. When asked about her plans for her money, the winner indicated she plans to buy a home and invest the rest.

The Hot 7’s Instant Game Series

Players have claimed over $15 million in winnings by playing Sizzling Hot 7’s. The game, launched in January, consists of $10 tickets with chances to win prizes ranging from $10 to $1 million. With another $46 million in remaining prizes (including two more $1 million jackpots), Sizzling Hot 7’s is certainly red-hot. There are also 21 $10,000 and 178 $2,000 prizes remaining.

Players can purchase Sizzling Hot 7’s and other games, such as Blazing Hot 7’s and Burning Hot 7’s, at any Michigan Lottery retail location. The Hot 7’s series of games offer tickets ranging from $0.50 to $20. The Scorching Hot 7’s instant game offers winners a $2,000,000 top jackpot.

Players are encouraged to double-check their tickets before discarding them. Like the lucky player in this story, it’s easy to miss a big win. Players can also visit to check winning numbers and draw results.


Instant Keno
Top Prize
Price: $0.10 - $20.00
VIP Gold
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00
Wild Time Xtra
Top Prize
Price: $0.20 - $10.00
Wheel of Fortune
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00

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