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Throwing It Back And Winning Big


In the latest installment of a new game discussion, we’re going back to ancient times with Pharoah’s Gold. It’s got some great eye-popping graphics for all of the users to enjoy while they take their chances at scoring and winning the big bucks. It’s a fantastic game that absolutely merits more attention than what it has received so far.

It’s all of the rage, and it’s exactly the reason we’re here to let you know. The ways to win big, the reasons to give it a whirl, and much more. It’s all about the Gold. Nobody is in it for the bronze of the silver. Let’s break it down.

The Basics

Pharoah’s Gold is a lottery game that Michigan folks are going to love for one big reason. The person who winds up scoring the grand prize of $50,000 will be the only one doing so.

The game only offers one prize over $500, meaning that this one is by far the white whale, eluding players all over the place. Only one is going to be able to mop it up and claim it as their own.

With only $2 being needed to be spent on every turn, it really is a game of chance. This is what the thrill is all about: ultimate bragging rights. Only 51 spots of $500 even exist, meaning that earning a significant payday could be rare if you log in with a whole group of fellow players. One gets to take all, and that is the exact reason to go for it.

When trying to get involved in Michigan lottery games, it’s all about how you can become the next big story amongst the winners. And when you can do what you can to win, and it actually winds up going down, it feels that much sweeter.

Breaking Down The Benjamins

With only the one single victory, as mentioned, of $50,000 being available and another 51 for $500, it does decrease a bit from there. There are 620 prizes currently left for $100, which still winds up being a $98 net if you won with the first turn.

There are 1,933 prizes left for $50, so a nice free meal could await after cashing out such a win. Matching the numbers on the screen to what’s on your board is the way to determine just how much money was earned. Easy as pie.


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