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Progressive Jackpot

September 9, 2022

Mount Pleasant Local Nails Progressive Jackpot in Lucky 7’s

One fortunate individual from Mount Pleasant tested their luck out with a game of Lucky 7’s. The player was able to take home $616,985.
August 20, 2022

Bay City Native Wins $218,305 with Club Keno

One fortunate Bay City native was able to score a big payout from Club Keno. He walked away with $218,305 after purchasing their ticket.
July 30, 2022

New Era Local Wins $1.18 Million in Jackpot Slots

A New Era local has won a major prize through the Michigan Lottery. He purchased a Jackpot Slots ticket, worth $1.18 million.
June 1, 2022

Monthly Jackpot for June Set for $100,000

The Michigan Lottery is setting up their June Jackpot series with their latest offering of Monthly Jackpot.
May 15, 2022

Kalamazoo Resident Earns $1.27 Million from Jumbo Jackpot Slots

A Main Street Pub in Kalamazoo recently sold a winning jackpot ticket that was worth over a million dollars.
April 4, 2022

Davison Local Wins Big in Jumbo Jackpot Slots

With the recent win, the jackpot in Jumbo Jackpot Slots has now been reset, with a slight climb back up to $53,130.
February 14, 2022

Detroit Resident Takes Home Jackpot from Lucky 7’s

One fortunate Detroit local is much wealthier after a lucky occurrence from purchasing a Lucky 7’s lottery ticket. This ticket turned out to be worth $1.77 million.
December 20, 2021

Lincoln Park Resident Wins $1.68 Million in Progressive Jackpot

With the Michigan Lottery, you could over a million dollars playing Lucky 7's
October 6, 2021

South Range Pub Sells Enormous Winning Jackpot

Lucky player purchased a Diamond Wild Time Progressive ticket that turned out to be worth $358,427, or half of the jackpot at that time.